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LOOK I THINK YOU SHOULD ASK HIM TO SAY YUOR NAME OVER THE PHONE IF IT A GIRL THEN IF HE CAN'T SAY YOUR NAME THEN YOU KNOW THAT IT IS NOT A BOY. SO DON'T EVEN WORRY BOUT IT. THAT IS HOW I SEE IT IF HE CAN NOT SAY YOUR NAME THEN U KNOW WUZ UP WITH HIM JUST MOVE ON. Unless you have other reasons to believe your mate is lying to you, then perhaps it was his boy. The next time the phone rings and he's on it, ask him then who it is and tell your mate you'd like to say hello. It sounds like you are having problems with your mate who could possibly be cheating, but, are you too jealous and letting that cloud your judgement? Marcy

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โˆ™ 2008-11-03 18:50:33
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Q: Should you believe your mate if he receives a phone call and you ask him who it was and he tells you it was his boy but you feel it wasn't his boy?
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