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It depends on how deep your cultural roots go. For instance if your parents came from Another Country, but you were born in either the U.S. or Canada and are Westernized and you live your life like the rest of society, then you are adult enough to make up your own mind. As far as religious beliefs often two people can marry without having the same belief system. I am a Christrian and my husband is an Agnostic but were married in the church. We have been married 34 years. I'm a believer each individual has to find their own reason for being on this earth and we all come to some conclusion sooner or later. If it's to do with a wedding you can be married twice. If the person you love won't flex a bit and respect your culture or at least go through the motions if a wedding comes up, then they aren't worth risking your own future with. It's basically about respect. You can't have it all your way and he can't have it all his way. If you think this is a problem now it will only get worse. I have been to Chinese funerals, Jewish/Italian/Greek/etc., weddings and funerals and have never had a problem. I find learning about another culture invigorating.

2006-08-31 18:05:10
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