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In my opinion, very definitely, yes. You need to move on with your life. It will probably be hard at first because if you are asking this question than you are having a hard time ending it. This is okay and is normal because your aspirations differ from reality. Once you end it, give yourself some time to reflect on what you really want from a relationship and don't date anyone for a while. Spend time with friends and family and on your favorite hobbies. If you don't have hobbies, try some new ones that your are interested in to figure out what you like. You'll get to know yourself better and be able to figure out what you want from life and your relationships during this time. After all let's face it, if he doesn't share your desire to have a future together, there is no guarantee that he ever will and you'll get bitter eventually. Respect yourself for the fab girl that you are and when you are ready, find someone else who respects you too and shares and supports your goals and dreams. The right guy is out there!

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Should i get back together with my boyfriend?


You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

What you should keep between just you and your boyfriend and what should you share with friends?

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

Your boyfriend likes to please himself and you don't like that what should you do?

Take a more active role in your relationship, to let him know you're involved and care about the relationship. Do it for him.

Should I snog my boyfriend?

You should snog your boyfriend if you are a little deep in your relationship.

How do you know if your boyfriend is honest?

he's your boyfriend you should trust him no matter what, there should be no doubts in a relationship.

A bad relationship between you and your boyfriend and you just had a kid?

if your relationship is bad you should break up with him, don't stay together for the kid, it'll never work out like that.

How do you get your boyfriend to talk to you?

He should just talk to you, and if he doesn't, he thinks you're weird, or ugly.AnswerYou should have a sit-down with him and talk-out the situation (communication is important in a relationship) and see what he has to say for himself. Depending on his answer will depend on how the relationship will do from there.

What should i do if my crush's boyfriend is using her but i don't want to harm our relationship?

If your crush has a boyfriend then you are not her crush. There is no relationship, you are just a friend.

Shoud you get a boyfriend?

No, you do not have to get a boyfriend. You can get a boyfriend when you feel that you are ready for a relationship, may not have to be a serious long term relationship because it is up to you. Nobody is forcing you, if so you should not be under pressure to get a boyfriend.

Should the relationship be over when your boyfriend says he will never get engaged?

No. Nothing has changed in your relationship except that he doesn't want to get married, lots of couples don't get married and grow old together.

Should you help your boyfriend take your bra off or should he do it by himself?

He should be able to do this by himself. trust me and if he cant....pathetic

How far into a relationship should you let boyfriend finger you?

when you want him to

What should you do if you have a boyfriend and he is not willing to discontinue the relationship?

Involve your parents.

Can a guy hang out with a girl who has a boyfriend if her and her boyfriend are both cool with it?

Yes sure this possible. Having a relationship does not mean you should stop other relationship with friends. But you should know your limits

My boyfriend and I just got back together from a 2 week separation how do i make sure he don't cheat?

U should be able to trust ur boyfriend if u can't then that means it's not a heathy relationship and that u guy will not be together for a long time

How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to lose his virginity with you?

When your boyfriend is ready he sould let you know. You both should be ready to do it together. You should both be in the same place in your relationship. Remember sex is a big deal and you cant go back once you have done it.

Should i stay friends with an ex boyfriend while in a relationship boyfriend?

if it is ok with your current boyfriend there is not should about it...if you want to then do it, if not then dont, if your current bf has a problem with it then that is his problem not yours

When your alone with your boyfriend should you do anything to him?

That is up to you.No one can really tell you how to run your relationship with your boyfriend.

You Can't have kids and boyfriend doesn't know how do you tell him?

yes you should have told him as soon as you got together because honesty is the important aspect in a healthy relationship.

My boyfriend is a year older than me and he hasn't hugged me kissed me or even held my hand Every time we see each other we have a conversation and we muck around together I don't know what to do?

Does he consider himself your boyfriend? I doesn't seem like he does. His behavior is a little odd for a boyfriend. I think you should ask him if he considers himself your boyfriend or just friend.

Does your boyfriend really love you he wants to have a baby with you you really love him but your not sure if you should go threw with that only because your relationship isnt always good?

No one here knows you or your boyfriend, nor the circumstances of your relationship. You should examine how you interact together what you close friends and family say about you as a couple. Only you can make such a decision.

Why your boyfriend broke up with you because of a teacher?

Depending on the age of the boyfriend and the teacher it is more than likely illegal for them to have a relationship. If they are in a relationship this should be mentioned to a adult.

What should you tell your boyfriend to save your relationship?

You can't tell hi m anything other then how you feel about him and try to discuss how each of you feel about each other. If you both love each other then you should be able to work together and keep your relationship.

Should I break up with my boyfriend if our relationship is dull and boring?

Proper understanding is the key between an relationship