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Answer:Well i think that you should decide who you love more your girlfriend or your old love ? if you love your old girlfriend more then if i was you as hard as it might be id break up with your current girl friend she might hate you for ever well until she realized why you did it and when she finally does realize she wont hate you no more cause she will know that you are generally just following your heart so way up who you would rather be with who you love.

just don't either about cause that's the worst thing you could do

ex pk range answer: If i was you i will break up with your girlfriend that you are with because if you loved another girl then you should make that girl that you loved your girlfriend.

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Should a girlfriend break up with you over you having girlsox?

No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

What if you have a girlfriend but you like a other girl?

you should break up with your gf well..this is what i think... you don't have to date a girl you don't like.

How do you kiss a girl who is not your girlfriend?

Kiss her on the cheeks. Or, break up with your girlfriend first.

What do you do if a girl is tryin to break you n your current girlfriend up?

If you and your current girlfriend are truly in love; communicate and stick together there is no one that can break you up but either you or your girlfriend. The other girl is making a fool of herself and you, as the male, should let her know to back off. Do this is a calm, but stern manner.

What is the name of the girl who sings break your heart?

my girlfriend

Should you always ask a girl out or can you ask her to be your girlfriend and does it matter?

yes you should ask her out. and being a girlfriend is like a step forward in your relationship with someone. i know some people who wait months to become girlfriend/boyfriend.

What should you do if im dating 1 girl but really like another?

Break up with your girlfriend, if you really like your girlfriend you wouldn't like any other girls

How do you break up with a girl that has waited for you for 3 years and you only dated her for 2 months?

If there's another girl you love, you tell the former girlfriend that fact, ... if there is NO other girl you don't break up ... if she waited that long she might be the one for you, giver her another month or so.

How do you get a girl that's not your girlfriend to make out with you?

You break up with your girlfriend and stop trying to be a cheater. Kay?

How do you get a guy to like you if he already has a girlfriend?

You shouldn't try to destroy his relationship with his girlfriend because it will make him dislike you so I would suggest that you just wait for him to break up with his girlfriend but don't be the one to break it up. well this is what i think you should do you should tell every one to help you get him away from his girl friend

How do you get a boy to break up with his girlfriend and go out with you?

Better to get the girl to break up with the boy you are interested in.

Who is Cody Linley's girlfriend?

Faria Ara Putul (Victoria) Cody does not have a girlfriend right now. He was in a serious relationship with a girl named Kelsi for 9 months, but they had a mutual break-up & now he is single. Aug. 31, 2010

What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break?

just give her a break, dont keep hounding on her and talking to her and saying sorry because most of the time, if a guy does that wen a girl needs a break it just makes their relationship weaker. but if you leave the girl alone it will most likely improve your relationship ..... but wen your on the break do not! go and find another girlfriend because to girls it is still considered cheating

How do you break up a relationship?

It is easier to break up a relationship after the first three months, or the infatuation phase. If you are a male trying to get with the girl, hire an escort and get her to go over to the guys place when the girl is supposed to get there. Yes, you will have to do some spying to do this. If you are a girl, just get the guy drunk and seduce him and make sure his girlfriend finds out about it.

I want to go out with this girl but shes going out with my friend what should you do?

you should wait until they break up and then wait two weeks to two months and then ask her out

What should i say to break up with a girl I've dated for months?

Tell her that you have been dating for a long time and that you have stopped liking her as much and you think that you should have some space and take a break from each other.

Should you break up with your girlfriend if the girl you like didn't like you but you just found out she started to like you?

if you don't love the person your with you shouldn't be wiyh them

How do you get your girlfriend to fight another girl?

girlfriend s presence you should look hard for another girl so that your girl thinks that the other girl is flirting with you.

What should you do if you like a girl and that girl likes me but you never met?

Me and my girlfriend have been going out 5 months straight and that's just how we started out. Just wait till you see her first and then ask her to get with you.

What if a girl says she doesnt like your girlfriend?

Well it does not maTTER WHAT THE GIRL SAYS. That's your girlfriend and you should stick up for her.

Should you stay with your girlfriend that you've been with for 8 months or a girl you've have known all your life?

If you really love her, and you think she's the one then yes!!

What do you do if you have a girlfriend but you see someone else that you like?

You stay true to your girlfriend, or you break up with her and date the other girl. Don't cheat.

What should you do if a friend is trying to break-up a girlfriend and boyfriend and she is getting another girl to work with her in this?

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

What should you say to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

usually guys say "will you go out with me?" or "will you be my girlfriend?"

You in a relationship with this girl but you like some other girl what do you do?

Tough one man. This is all up to you. Breaking up with your girlfriend for another girl is usually Always a bad thing to do. This will result in your current girlfriend hating you, and the girl you like disliking you. If you do choose to break up with your girlfriend for this girl, it better be worth it.

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