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Should you buy a DVR like TiVo or get the service from your cable company?


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2005-02-11 23:31:37
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Getting service from a cable company is generally cheaper. Most cable company's DVR service seem to run approx. $10 per month, in addition to your current cable company bill. Generally, there is no equipment to purchase so the only cost you pay is your monthly bill. Note: This may or may not be the case with your cable company. Consult your cable company for exact pricing and terms for DVR service. Purchasing your own DVR can mean anywhere from roughly $100 (for a standard TiVo DVR) to $600 for some higher-end DVRs. The higher-end DVRs include fancy features such as DVD recording and the like. Plus, you may pay an additional monthly fee, ($12 per month for TiVo, for example). While purchasing your DVR may be more expensive initially, your DVR offers more features and flexibility than your cable company's service. **alternate response** In my neck of the woods (South FL)renting a cable DVR is $8 monthly for the hardware rental and an additional $5 for programming service. I pay $5 a month for a DirecTV DVR programming with a hardware lump sum cost of $50 (the hardware is often available for free with a new installation)


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Tivo is when you can fast-forward, rewind, and even pause live television. I believe you can get it with any cable company.

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Yes. You would probably have to call the cable company so that they can setup the program guide to operate with the Tivo receiver.

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TiVo isn't the only option for digital video recording. TiVo just happened to hit the market early and it became popular fast. You have an option of using DVR receiver services from your cable company. This option usually requires no hardware as the DVR receiver is integrated with your program menu. You simply order the service from your cable company, and you

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No, you can use TiVo with an antenna or any cable service. Check out to see what TiVo would work best for you.

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Hi, Don't see why not, since it's a subscription service. Since Tivo can be connected to satellite systems, I would expect them to also be compatible with cable systems as well. To be on the safe side, go to the Tivo website and see what info you can find. Either that, or give the people at Tivo a call. My personal expereince with them is that they're a friendly and helpful company. Hope this helps, Cubby

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