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No. What you should do is either hire a detective to get hardcore evidence or be the detective yourself. Get pictures and proof. You will need it in case you divorce your cheating husband. Calling the other woman will only stir things up, she can deny it and you won't have any proof. Your husband will be tipped off that you suspect him and he will be more careful which will make it harder for you to catch him and get evidence. Think like a woman who is going to clean up in a divorce, would that woman spoil her chances of getting everything she wants in a divorce? Hi there - Are you positive about the other_____? Then I would agree with who had advised you to hire someone - IF your able to afford that service...and on the other hand....ARE you sure you want it to be confirmed from a stranger? Or be ahead of the game and you leave the house early one morning or even better tell him your going away with the girlfriends for a weekend and then stay at a motel close to your home and rent a car and follow him around for the weekend. JUst be sure you know what you want and how you will deal with what you find out...cause if your not ready for the truth...then you better sit down and think about you first - how its really going to affect you....I really FEEL for you at what your mind and heart must be going through!!

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Q: Should you call the person you suspect is cheating with your spouse?
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What is Cheatin?

" Cheating" is when you sleep or had sex who is not your spouse. And sometimes you fell in love with this person who is not your spouse..

Can spouse sue person your spouse is cheating with?

I don't think they can sue you but, they can get affairs and divcores.

What does it mean when your mate accuses you of cheating?

Cheating is an intimate relationship with a person other than your partner or spouse.

Should you give a cheating spouse a second chance?

That depends on you

What should you do if your spouse is cheating?

Just wrong and deserve the boot!!

What is considered cheating?

Cheating is when you are in a relationship with another person and see someone else behind your mate's back. Not making love with your partner is a form of cheating. Titillating phone calls to another person is also cheating. Chatlines, IMing some other person and getting personal is cheating. ANSWER: Cheating is when a married man or woman kissing the other person on the lips, but if that person kiss the other woman or the other man on a cheek that is not cheating, like how we kiss our parents, sibling or our own family. It's about not telling the spouse who he or she is seeing even for an hour or so. It's about having a private date just the two of them, without telling the spouse. If he or she are eating out but with the group of friends, that is not cheating. Cheating is about going to see his or her friends at home without the spouse knowledge. It's about calling the other person so often and not telling the spouse. It's about making out wirth that other person without the knowledge of the spouse. There are lots of reason when it comes to cheating.

How do you find a cheating spouse?

Finding out if your spouse is cheating on you is usually not very difficult, but you should conduct your investigation in a very careful manner. You do not want to tip your spouse off that you suspect anything, as he or she will then try even harder to hide the affair, which will make it more difficult for you to find proof of it. Also, your suspicions may be false, and, if this is the case, you do not want to make your spouse feel unjustly accused. However, even if there is no cheating going on, your having suspected it may indicate that all is not well with your marriage, and that there are issues that should be addressed before things get worse. There is far more to the issue of martial infidelity than most people suspect. There is an excellent free email course that has a lot of good advice about how to go about finding a cheating spouse, and about how to deal with the situation if you do find that cheating is going on. I highly recommend this course. You can sign up for it at:

Should you expose a narcissist to their spouse if they are having an affair with your spouse?

Just because this person is a narcissist doesn't make then much different than anyone else cheating with your spouse and you should be more concerned about your spouse cheating. By all means sit down with the narcissists spouse and tell the whole story, but be sure you have absolute proof before doing so. Don't be surprised if the narcissist's spouse becomes angry and is denial, but, in time the spouse will become to believe it.

Should you Contact the cheating spouse mistress?

Probably not, you should let the cheating spouse know that you know he's cheating though! If you want answers, you can contact the mistress to get the truth... although she may just direct you back to your spouse and tell you to talk to him (to avoid confrontation).

What do you do when cheating on someone?

You should NOT being cheating on anyone. The above is correct. Stop now. Either with the "other" or the "spouse".

Is it considered cheating if your spouse chats with other woman on a chat line on his cell phone?

No it should not be considered cheating.

Is cheating lying?

ANSWER: Absolutely, if a person is not cheating nor seeing another person, there's nothing to lie about. But cheating on your spouse and he or she doesn't know you are betraying your partner that will be lying because your keeping secret.

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