Should you call the wife of the man your wife is cheating with?

No, talk to your own spouse follow the "chain of command" Think about it, are you wanting to mend fences or ruin trust irrevocably? What good would come of it?

Yes you should, it will, if nothing else - put an end to it. You maybe surprised at what information his wife may have. I had to do that with my situation - call the girl's husband. Come to find out, this guy had already hired a detective and had way more info than I what I had. Anyway, it ended at that point. Once it hits his home, he will no longer want to deal with your wife.

Thats a definite yes. That way you can gang up on them or maybe catch them in the act. Then they can't lie their way out. OR, even better, if she is hot maybe you could arrange for the two of them to walk in on the two of you...

No--you should think about how to deal with your marriage? Do you want to stay married to your wife or get a divorce? This man can screw up his marriage by himself--don't get involved in someone else's private business.

Be angered at the man you wife is having an affair with, but don't drag his wife or children through the mud. His wife may turn on you and blame you as the bearer of bad news, or she may already know about her husband's affair and not care.

YOU SHOULD NOT definately. You ask why? Well if ur marriage is being ruined by some other man and YOUR WIFE(dont forget this), you should not try to revenge and destroy his wife marriage coz you will be worst then him! If you are that mad then face him in person and do something if you belive its worthy. But its never worthy belive me (coz you can do something that you will regret afterwards)! If you wanna keep the marriage try to talk to your wife, and if it doesnt work just finish it. But dont forget, if u try to ruin his wife marriage you will be worst then him and you will face much more consequences. Keep your dignity up! Dont let them pull you down!

No, dont tell her. Just seduce her and get revenge ... hehe.

yes you should tell her! how do you feel right now knowing she cheated on you and what happends whe he goes and gets aids with some other girl you might be saving his wife life, would you tell of bridge being out or would you watch the car fall of the bridge ??

What many people do not understand is any of the people involved might have the legal grounds to file a civil actions against any of the other parties. Unless the evidence is indisputable as to the infidelity, numerous legal difficulties can arise.

Yes! Exposure kills most infidelities especially if the families and friends of the cheating participants are well informed. The cheaters will not get any support for their adulterous behavior. Affairs need secrecy and ignorance to thrive so exposure and knowledge of its existence will destroy it.

The answer is up to you and what you want. Do you want revenge, do you want to pump up the drama or do you want to find a way to resolve the issues with the marriage. If you want revenge and more drama, yes then calling the man will start that fire. Any satisfaction from confronting him will be short lived and resolve nothing. Otherwise, you will be better off dealing with the real culprit, you wife. The marriage needs help and she is half of that. How you two work it out is up to you two, not three.