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Well, being a burn out is not an atribute that most would want in a partner. If you can tolerate him being that way that's your business. Why wouldn't you want to find someone who makes good use of their live and is a positive being on this earth. Our time here is limited so take the bull by the horns and live a good life.

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What should be done after removing a tick from a dog?

Burn the tick to kill it. Burn the tick and though it away.

What happens when you burn ink?

It Burns Though You Should Try It Yourself

How long will it take a burn on your lower back to heal?

This type of burn should be seen by your doctor and he/she can decide what ointment you should use and be sure you do not get infection. Trying to heal such a burn yourself could cause infection. As you know the lower back can be an awkward place to try and treat the burn. Even clothing rubbing on your lower back even if you have a clean gauze on it may cause infection. Please see your doctor.

What should you do with a worn flag?

With a worn flag you should take it to a memorial. Or at least somewhere along those lines. They will burn it for you. It will cost though.

When was Burn Back the Sun created?

Burn Back the Sun was created in 2006.

Can any candles be used on a menorah?

Yes - though ideally, a menorah (or hanukkiyah) should burn olive oil.

Should your belly button burn the second day after piercing it?

Mine did. Not as bad as it did right after it got pierced though.

Why do churches burn books?

They dont do that alot anymore where I am. In the middle ages though, they would burn books because they thought that some of them were evil. Plus they did not want people to become too educated back then.

Can you burn chipboard?

You can burn chipboard, though as with any wood, it will burn better if dry and cut to a smaller size.

How long should you lay outside to get a tan?

30 Minutes on your front, 30 minutes your back if you just want some color without the redness! I just got done laying out, i was outside for about an hour both sides are now tan and i have no burn! Almost got a burn though. I have a medium skin tone.

Should you put a cold cloth on your burn?

Not if it is a 3rd degree burn which is charred skin. You can apply it to 1st and second degree though. Do not apply gels or ointments to 3rd degree burns either.

If the dog gets a burn will the hair grow back?

If a dog gets a burn, the hair may or may not grow back depending on the severity of the burn.

How do you use the word burn in a sentence?

Do not burn the papers. Why did you burn the papers? We should not burn plastic.

Does hair grow back after a burn?

Yes It Does Depending On How Bad The Burn Is.

What dangers do acids and bases have?

acid can burn though wood metal so the acid can burn and burn until it gets down

What are the lyrics containig the phrase I burn for you?

"I Burn For You" - STING Now that I have found you In the coolth of your evening smile The shade of your parasol And your love flows through me Though I drink at your pool I burn for you, I burn for You and I are lovers When night time folds around our bed In peace we sleep entwined And your love flows through me Though an ocean soothes my head I burn for you, I burn for Stars will fall from dark skies As ancient rocks are turning Quiet fills the room And your love flows through me Though I lie here so still I burn for you, I burn for you I burn...

How do you get music on media player?

You burn it on a cd, then upload it on media player. you have to burn it from itunes, though.

When will burn notice be back on UK tv?

Burn notice will be back soonas there is a possibily of season 4 airing in 2010

How many calories per work out should you burn?

you should burn 120 calories a week at least

What do i treat a burn on my hand with?

In order to treat a burn on your hand it is important to know what type of burn it is. A superficial burn (known as a first degree burn) should be placed under cool running water. A partial-thickness burn (known as a second degree burn) will typically blister and should be submerged in cool water. A full-thickness burn (known as a third degree burn) is a serious medical condition and 911 should be called.

Can you smell sunburn?

If the burn is bad enough you can smell a difference. It would have to a 2nd or 3rd degree burn though.

Does plastic burn?

Anything can burn, except for stars. Plastic is one of the easiest things in the world to burn. Though it does give off quite a smelly odor when burned. (though it's actually more pleasant smelling than the burning of rubber)

How do you make a burn stop hurting?

You should run a fresh burn under WARM water, which could slowly get cooler. Then bandage the burn. If the burn covers a large area, then you should see a doctor immediately, as the burn may become infected.

What to do if you burn your finger on a iron?

If you burn your finger on an iron you should apply burn ointment to it. This is to help repair and moisturize the painful burn.

How do you turn a tree back into gas?

Burn it.