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Yes. It should be History teacher.

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Q: Should you capitalize history teacher
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Should you capitalize the word teacher?

Not normally, unless it is a proper name.

Should you capitalize social studies teacher?

No unless its a specific noun.

Do you capitalize substitute teacher?

It is not necessary to capitalize substitute teacher. However, if the name of the teacher is given it will need to be capitalized.

Do you capitalize American History Class?

Yes. It should be American History class.

Should you capitalize history major?

The H and the M

Do you capitalize the word preschool teacher's aide?

You would capitalize the words Preschool Teacher's Aide.

What should I major in to become a history teacher?

To become a teacher, you will have to major in education. You can always minor in history. That should help you get a history teaching position.

Do you capitalize teacher in Physical Education teacher?

No, you would not.

Should the word history be capitalized when referring to History teacher?


Should you capitalize Science teacher?

No, the word "science" is a common noun. Proper nouns are capitalized.

Do you capitalize algebra and history in a sentence?

You only capitalize 'algebra' and 'history' if they are at the beginning of the sentence or part of a title:Algebra and history are my favorite subjects. Our history book is ' The History of Asia' and it's very interesting. My algebra teacher is very patient.

Do you capitalize Biology Teacher?

You capitalise "Biology" as it is a pronoun referring to the field of study of living organisms. However, you do not capitalize "teacher" as it is just a noun.

Do you capitalize art teacher?

You do not capitalize the words art teacher. If you were going to write the teachers name, the first letter of the name would be capitalized.

Do you capitalize special education teacher or director?

It should only be capitalized if it directly precedes the name of the person with that title.

Do you capitalize First Grade Teacher?


Should captain of history be capitalized in He will always be remembered as a great captain of history?

It was probably a captain of industry, not a captain of history, but in either case, it is not necessary to capitalize.

Do you capitalize world history?

The French Revolution changed World History.

Do you capitalize black history month?

Yes. Since it is considered a historic event you have to capitalize it.

Do you capitalize special education teacher?


What are facts about the mayan economy?

you should ask your history teacher

What should you capitalize - My language arts teacher is Mrs. Jone.?

Mrs and Jone should be capitalized. If 'language arts' is the full (official) title of the class then it should be capitalized too.

Do you Capitalize Sunday School Teacher?

Most texts would capitalize Sunday and School but not the word teacher. Traditionally, Sunday School has been capitalized because it is regarded as a title of an institution.

Would you capitalize history in Mexican history?

Yes, because it is a specific type of history.

Would you capitalize the word art teacher?

No it shouldn't be capitalized.

Do you capitalize early childhood education?

Early Education Teacher

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