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Should you change the brake pads for a 2004 civic that has run 35K miles?



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== Answer 1== If they're not worn out, leave them. Brake pads are fine until they're gone. Time doesn't matter. As answer 1 says "...are fine until they're gone." There is no specific time frame as the amout or wear, and therefore the life of brake pads and shoes is directly proportional to the amount of use and ABUSE to which they are exposed. If one does a lot of very hard braking, riding of the brake pedal, and other forms of abuse, the lifespan will be significantly reduced. IF the subject vehicle's brakes have NOT been ABUSED, then the pads should not need replacement at 35,000 miles. I'm a Ford driver [autos and pickups] and have gone as much as 65,000 miles before a brake job. My 1989 F-150 has over 120,000 miles and it's still OK with its second set of brake pads and shoes. j3h.