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follow the owners manual as to when it is time to change the coolant. Get a manual from MOTORLIT.COM

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โˆ™ 2004-10-05 10:29:42
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Q: Should you change your coolant or should just add more?
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Is there a temporary fix if coolant mist is coming out of the AC vents on a 1998 Ford Ranger until you can get it to the shop?

I don't think it is coolant. It is just condensation caused from high humidity and the cold air. If it is coolant it should get on the floor and you should loose coolant.

Why would the low coolant warning light come on when the coolant is at a normal level on a 96 Pontiac Sun fire 22L?

there is a sensor in the bottom of the coolant bottle, change this and you should be o.k. tap the sensor with a screw driver it will go out uts just stuck

What should boys be?

Boy's should be just the way they are, they don't have to change the way that they look just to impress people.

I am Trying to bleed air out of a 2000 Chevy impala radiator?

This should happen automatically. Are you losing coolant, is the cooling system leaking somewhere? Have you just changed the coolant? Unless there is a leak, the system should purge by itself.

Where is the low coolant sensor on a 2001 Ford Escape XLT V6?

It should be on the bottom of the coolant reservoir. The container is held in place by two bolts. Remove the bolts and disconnect the sensor cable on the side of the container, then it should just lift out

Toyota Avalon 1996 Should you put water in radiator ever or should I only put coolant in the coolant resevior?

Never put just straight water in your motor. You want to top off your radiator first then top off your coolant in the reservoir. Water will rust your motor from the inside out.

If you poop your pants should you change them or just let it biodegrade?

Change them. Change the pants dude, not to be rude.

If the low coolant light is on after adding coolant will this affect anything else or should you just keep a check on the fluid level?

Could be the sensor that has gone bad if the coolant level is correct. Find a trustworthy mechanic to check that out.

How do i find and replace the coolant level sensor on a 1995 Chevy Camaro Z28?

The coolant level sensor is located in the coolant reservoir tank. It should just screw or press in. Unplug it, remove it and put a new one in.

When should you change your water filter?

You should change them at the minimum every 6 months. If your water is bad then you should check them every 2 months just to make sure they are still good.

Should people change themseve just to impress others?

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Where does the water go from the overflow tank?

The year, make and model vehicle would help and there shouldn't be just water, it should be coolant.

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