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Should you change your coolant or should just add more?


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2004-10-05 10:29:42
2004-10-05 10:29:42

follow the owners manual as to when it is time to change the coolant. Get a manual from MOTORLIT.COM


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I don't think it is coolant. It is just condensation caused from high humidity and the cold air. If it is coolant it should get on the floor and you should loose coolant.

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there is a sensor in the bottom of the coolant bottle, change this and you should be o.k. tap the sensor with a screw driver it will go out uts just stuck

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Boy's should be just the way they are, they don't have to change the way that they look just to impress people.

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This should happen automatically. Are you losing coolant, is the cooling system leaking somewhere? Have you just changed the coolant? Unless there is a leak, the system should purge by itself.

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It should be on the bottom of the coolant reservoir. The container is held in place by two bolts. Remove the bolts and disconnect the sensor cable on the side of the container, then it should just lift out

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