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yes u should

AnswerFrom a different perspective, why bother? All it does is give him/her an opportunity to be defensive and turn it all around against YOU again. You already KNOW that it's exactly what he/she will do. Confrontation won't do you any good, you won't get any satisfaction, there won't be any resolution, they're too good at what they do.

Just leave them alone. Go away and let them do their destructive thing on their own. Even in confronting them you make it "all about them". For a change, let it be about you. Take care of YOUR needs. You don't NEED that kind of mental abuse.

do itFor your own peace of mind. A healthy person needs closure. But never forget it will not do him any "good" because they are not capable of considering what you have to say, much less make any *real* concious effort to change or apologize. Remember this confrontation is about you not him, that's why he wont understand.

Years ago after the "relationship" was over. I wrote a short one page letter to an N pretty much summarizing what he did to hurt me and what was wrong with him - in two paragraphs. I received a six page letter from him within days. ...which i never read but destroyed and threw down an outhouse drain to rot and be digested by the maggots. It was a major turning point in getting over the nightmare and moving on with my life.

I say after the relationship or incident plays out, yes confront him. But only when you are good and ready and need closure. Then you will begin to heal and move on.

Because you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

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Q: Should you confront a narcissist
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