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I wouldn't take the phone that's immature. Its not yours to take and your only dating your not married. Although he should be being honest with you that he has a friend that is a girl or telling you why this girl is calling, if there is nothing to hide. I would ask him flat out, "I see that so/so has called alot, who is she to you". If he gets all fidgety and excusatory then he's hiding something. If he comes out and tells you her name is so/so, do you want to meet her, then do so. Dont know how long you have been seeing him but he should be dealing with your relationship and your feelings respectfully and honestly at all times. Beware though if he is not willing to share the fact that he has a friend that is a girl, which there is nothing wrong with, then he could lie about it too. You have to use your intuition on this one. Ask him to meet her if he doesnt volunteer it up and if he says no, then dump him. Whether it is man or woman that his is just "Friends" with as your partner he should want to share them with you not hide them. Think, look and listen. Good luck.

Okay well this has happened to me before. I think you should just talk to him and see what he has to say. Listen to him and go with what he says. Tell him you would really appreciate it if he would stop talking to her so much. Hope this helped

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Is your boyfriend lying if you found text messages on his phone to another girl flirting and when you confront him about it he says its a bet?


What should you do if your boyfriend ignores you after years of being together and you love him but he doesn't do anything for you nor did he reply to your messages but he say he wants to be with you?

Maybe there's something on his mind, and he's distracted. Just ask him, what's up.

What are some cute and sweet and romantic text messages to send to my boyfriend?

Well, you could say like, "Your the best boyfriend in the world, and I'm so lucky that i have you" or something along those lines.

What do you do when x boyfriend send you nasty messages?

Say sorry and ask if there is anything you can do to make it up or ignore him and change your address (and don't tell him) maybe that would work...

What kind of text messages to send your boyfriend?

sup sexy?

What to do when your boyfriend won't let you read text messages?

Threaten to dump him

Can you report an ex boyfriend if he sends you threatening messages?

Yes absolutely.

Can you call Rikers Island to have your boyfriend call you back?

no they don't take messages at a jail and tell someone to have there boyfriend call

What can you do with your boyfriend during school?

There are many things you can do with your boyfriend during school, such as text each other hello or other messages.

Is deleting messages cheating?

ANSWER: It depends if this messages are in the cell phone of your partner, husband or wife. In any case deleting other messages that is not yours is a big no no. But if you have some kind of evidence what you need to do is confront this person and talk about it..

How can you know whether your boyfriend is loyal or not?

He'll be there 4 u... But if he doesnt pick up the phone or answer your messages dont worry. he's probably doing something. He would help you with school work or problems and always give ypu a hand. He won't ever say anything behind your back

What are some flirty text messages you can send to your boyfriend?

Hi babe! <3

How can you read your boyfriend text messages online?

stop being a spy

How does your boyfriend find out who you text?

He either reads your messages or he asks you and you tell him...

How do you find out when a person messages you on facebook?

You go to your messages and check if you have anything in your inbox .

How do verbal messages vary in politeness?

Verbal messages are anything that is spoken. They can be anything from a very polite and formal speech to a rude and angry outburst, depending on how they are delivered and what words are used.

How can you read your boyfriend messages without his Phone?

It is not possible without having his phone to go through. The messages themselves are not displayed on the online account or anywhere else.

What does it mean when your boyfriend had a dream where you are not together anymore?

It might mean subliminal messages of something on tv the radio or even something you said that would cause him to lose interest in you. Or maybe you are freakin smothering him and he was having a happy dream. It's a dream. Don't worry about it.

In millsberry how do you get a boyfriend?

Well millsberry is a website and you can't have a boyfriend on it because you can not walk or talk or make up your own messages and send them. So I think Club penguin is better to play and not to have a boyfriend on.

My sisters boyfriend sends me sexual messages all the time I recently found out he's been sending them to her best friend too what should I do?

Confront him. Tell him to knock it off and that it wont be tolerated. If hes doing it by text messages tell him if he doesnt stop you report him for sexual harrassment. Irregardless if you want this to stop stand up and be strong...send a strong message Kock it off Tell your sister, and an adult. They will stop him. If they don't, these messages qualifiy as sexual harassment and are punishable by law. Save them so you have proof.

Messages in Noah's ark?

messages in Noah's ark: well i suppose the main answer is if you do something good god'll reward u.

How do you know when you have met the perfect boyfriend?

When he is willing to do anything for you and do anything to stay with you. when he wants to spend as much time with you as posible, when he goes ut of his way to see you even for a few minutes. when he texts you cute messages, and rings ya just to talk to ya and every night just to say goodnight.

What's going on with your boyfriend if he broke up with you but calls or instant messages you daily?

He wants to remain friends with you.

What is the meaning of the point messages on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Are you talking about the messages in braille? They don't say anything important really. I believe you can get the translations on

Ex boyfriend still sends text messages and answers my texts.claimed to not have time for me cause of work and that he lost interest.he still tells me his work schedule and even texts me from workwhy?

Stop answering his text messages. You are only encouraging this by your responses, so you may be bringing this upon yourself. If he is really your "ex" boyfriend, then let him go ... if you ignore his messages, eventually he will go away. You could also put a block on his messages. If you keep responding, then he is not your "ex".