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I agree- don't contact the mistress. There's nothing good that can come of it. Maintain your dignity; don't become the next Jerry Springer guest.

However, with regards to this so-called "Woman's Code."

What kind of woman turns marriage into a cage? I know there are men out there who cheat no matter what the state of their marriage, no matter how wonderful a wife they have...but let's get off our high horses, WOMEN. To those women who have taken their husbands for granted, who've decided that sex is just an imposition to them that they don't wish to accede to...what kind of a woman are YOU? If you're married to a man, and they ask you to change things, if they tell you what they need, if they beg you to give them the things they need to feel, affection, respect, appreciation...and you refuse, for years on end...If you refuse to look at yourself, if you refuse to seek help from a marital counselor or a sex therapist with him, what do you expect will happen?

If you refuse someone food or water, is it their fault for finding somewhere else to eat and drink? Or should they die or starvation? I told this starving man yes, despite my reservations about getting involved with a married man. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

To my mind, I stole nothing. She'd left her husband out on the curb, with the garbage. Her neglected trash has become my one-in-a-million treasure.

Screw this "Woman's Code." It's just a pile of garbage to keep neglectful wives feeling as if they have some sort of moral high ground they don't deserve.


"Hi..this is where I differ from the other answers.... First! Lets face this fact: It comes right down to this decision: A man can stray, a man can look, a man can touch, a man can.... BUT it is the WOMAN - who can say NO - It is a WOMAN that can BE A WOMAN TO STOP & SEND the Man back home to face being a MAN!!! I am just a believer that a Woman can start it and a Woman can stop it!! And if shes from the same cloth or code of MOST ALL WOMEN then I would have No Problem to have a chat with the Lady? But just be prepared....But if it will make you feel better to confront her then go for it!!!!Be a Woman!!"

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Q: Should you confront your husband's mistress?
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Should you tell the wife if the husbands hitting on you?

Confront the husband first, then talk to the wife if the husband doesn't stop.

Can you prevent your husbands mistress from being around the kids?

Not really

Can you sue your husbands mistress in the state of Colorado?

No, our state does not allow it.

Can my husbands mistress be brought into court?

Yes, if a subpoena has been issued.

What to tell your husbands mistress?

Don't tell the mistress anything; tell the husband! Husbands can say 'no.' You are enabling his behavior by putting up with him having this mistress. As fearful and heart-breaking as it is you are in control of your life so sit down with him and let him know it's either you or her, but you're not sharing.

Should a wife notify husbands ex-mistress that she was aware that the two of them had an affair?

why yes of course that is if if u had sex with him, if u didint well .....

How should wives react to cheating husbands?

Confirm the truth. Confront the husband. Counsel to determine the way forward. Comit to the determined way forward.

What do you do with a women who cheats with your husband?

Ever heard of alienation of affection? A wife can sue the husbands mistress if mistress knowingly has an affair with your husband knowing he is married.

What are the release dates for The Montel Williams Show - 1991 Husbands Confront Wives 5-28?

The Montel Williams Show - 1991 Husbands Confront Wives 5-28 was released on: USA: 9 October 1995

When is it a good time to confront a partner who has been living with his mistress for almost a year?

Almost a year ago....

What would you do if you found out your husbands mistress has a child with the woman he had the affair with?

i would tell the husband its 'me or her' and let him choose!!

How do you confront hazel about her husbands the sims psp?

You have to CHAT with her until your friends.But it doesn't work EVERY time.

What do you say to your husbands ex mistress?


Should you tell your husbands mother about his health?

no you should not tell your husbands mom about his health

If a wife sent her husbands mistress a message after finding out about the affair and the mistress never responded back what would the wife think about that?

For starters cheating is dishonest and selfish and there are no excuses for it. If a man is that unhappy with his wife then he should be man enough to ask for a divorce. The wife should be talking to her husband (he started the cheating) and not the mistress. A cheating husband and his mistress are spineless when caught so it makes sense that the wife has frightened the heck out of the mistress by blowing their cover of having an affair. The old saying 'there is nothing like the wrath of a woman scorned' proves well in this situation so the mistress is worrying about the wife confronting her. The wife would be wise to stop trying to contact the mistress and go after the real troublemaker ... her husband!

Can you make a sentence with the word confront?

You should always confront your Grandma with respect. <3

Can a wife file civil suit against her husbands mistress in the state of Minnesota?

It depends on the circumstance. Filing a suit simply because the mistress engaged in an affair will most likely fail in a courtroom. A judge is more likely to hold the married individual (the husband, in this case) more responsible than the mistress, considering that the married individual broke a contract (the contract being the marriage) and the mistress did not (assuming the mistress is not married).

Can you sue your husbands mistress in AZ?

Your husband's mistress does not have a contract with you. Rather, she is a citizen who was no doubt told by your husband that he was leaving you. If anyone had a suit, she might have one against him. For that matter, you have one against him, also. A divorce is a civil suit.

What happens to the mistress when the wife finds out?

I've been in this situation too, except it was with a boyfriend. I was his girlfriend at the time. My ex not only cheated on me but another girl as well. He kept TWO relationships hidden from both of us. We both dumped him and were very angry at HIM (now the other girl and I are friends). There are different situations: a) If the mistress knows he is married; b) The mistress has no idea that he is married; c) If the mistress knows that he is married then honestly she is stupid; because if you are the mistress and he is cheating on his wife, why wouldn't he do the same exact thing to you. b) If the mistress has NO idea that he was married and the wife finds out, she may confront the mistress or she may confront her husband. It depends of the wife. WOMEN ARE WORTH MORE THAN A CHEATING GUY; DONT STAY WITH THEM AND THINK THAT THEY ARE GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU, THEY WON'T. THEY ONLY REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN NEEDS.

If in your heart you know your man is cheating should you confront the woman that you suspect.?

no. The one you should confront is your man. And if he is cheating it's his loss.

Should you fight your husbands mistress?

NO never EvER fight. Violence is never the answer. Unless that person attacks you or does anything to threaten your life, dont harm anyone. You have one life to live. Your decisions always come with repercussions.

When the affair is been discovered why some married man have to ask the mistress to apologize to his family if his the one who pursue the other woman?

She doesn't. She is not responsible to keep the vows. He should just have the guts to confront his wife and admit HE made the mistake.

Does a husband ever regret that he divorced his wife for his mistress?

Some husbands do look back and wish they had stayed with their wives, but most just move on.

Should you confront someone who is talking about you?

Yes. If you confront them, hopefully they will stop talking about you behind your back.

Should you or shouldn't you confront the other woman?

There is only one circumstance where it makes sense to confront the other woman: If you have to see her on a regular basis, or work with her on a regular basis. When you do confront her, it should not be about the cheating. It should be about establishing a set of rules for when you do run in to her again. Telling somebody they are evil and calling them names may be emotionally satisfying, but it can also go very wrong very quickly and lead to huge problems down the road. Buy a punching bag and take Tae-Bo classes if you need to work-off some of the anger, do not yell at the mistress.