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Is it a 24/7 diapering or just bedwetting?

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โˆ™ 2010-05-14 05:20:35
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Q: Should you diaper your teenage son?
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How do you change a teenage girls diaper?

Usually teenage girls do NOT wear diapers, but in rare case in which they might (bladder problems or infections) then it should be the same way you would change a baby's diaper.

How do you change teenage diapers?

Like any other diaper.

Your teenage son walks around the house nude.what should you do.?


What if the battery was on your on teenage son by his birth father?

birth father should be charged with abuse.

How do you get your teenage son to be more respectful?

Respect is earned, not enforced. Maybe you should ask yourself, "What must I do to "earn" the respect of my son?"

What does it mean if you catch your teen son wearing a diaper?


How can I teach my teenage son about the effects of alcohol?

The best approach to teaching your teenage son about the effects of alcohol is definitely about the consequences. Drunk driving, impaired memory, these are all side-effects of drinking and your son should be well aware of these before reaching for a drink.

What should you do if a diaper gets washed in the washer with clothes?

Take the diaper out and wash the clothes again!

Should i be suspicious of table salt i found in my teenage son's room?

No, you should only be curious how to find out if it really IS table salt and not only the cover.

What should you do if teenage son collects girls knickers like trophies?

Talk to him about it and make sure he understands how to use a condom.

Should you report a mother who uses drugs with her teenage son and has a 4 year old?

Yes, she is putting her children in danger.

How can you help your teenage son find a job?

stop giving him money whenever he asks. you have to be cruel to be kind. He should get the idea.

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