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A inground pool needs to be drained below the skimmer level during the winter. The water lines need to be drained and blown out to prevent freezing. You may also put RV anti freeze in the lines to prevent freezing. IF you do not drain the pool and live in a deep freeze region some people will place a large object such as a 50 gallon drum in the pool to keep it from feezing solid in the pool. Others however do choose to drain the pool empty. If you leave water in the pool around feb. the cover should be pulled back and algaecide and liquid chlorine added so when opening time arrives you are one up on opening your pool.

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Q: Should you drain an outdoor pool or keep it full of water over the winter?
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Why would an air conditioner leak water?

The evaporator coil is very cold, which causes water to condense on it's surface, like how water condenses on a cold soda can. The water runs to a drain pan at the bottom of the coil and then flows outside your home via a drain pipe. If water is leaking around your furnace, you very likely have a clogged drain pipe or cracked drain pan and should have it fixed immediately. However, if you have a heat pump and you see water around the outdoor unit during the winter, this is normal.

If you lived in an area with very cold winters should water be kept in you outdoor pool all winter Why or why not?

No, water should not be kept in your pool all winter. When it gets cold enough, the water will freeze. When water freezes, it expands. So when the water in your pool freezes and expands your pool will be ruined.

How much water should you drain from an above ground pool for winter?

Just enough so that the skimmer is above the water and the pipes to the filter and filter can be drained.

Do you have to drain your pool in the winter?

NO you don't have to drain your pool in winter. Just add winter algicide this will prevent your pool water going green during winter. Ofcourse don't expect your pool to remain clean over winter, you will need to vaccum and test ur water for correct amount of chemicals.

How much water should you have to drain out of your return line?

i have to drain out 4800 cusec of water

When turning off outside water for the winter do you leave spigot open?

Yes, open the spigot to drain the water. Note that you should NEVER leave a garden hose hooked to an outside spigot over winter.

Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

Should you go ahead and drain a pool that has turned brown from well water?

you should drain it using your mouth

How do you fix noisy drain pipes only on winter time?

drain must be freezing some where, when water is added it thaws and may cause gurgling,

Why outdoor water faucet will not drain even when the water supply valve is shut off?

Shutting off the valve doesn't drain anything. You need to open something lower than the faucet and open that faucet to let air take the place of the water.

How fast should 4 inches of water in a bath tube drain?

depends if drain is clogged or not

How should I unclog clogged drains?

You should pour hot water down your drain. Hot water will open up your drain quickly. If you don't have hot water put some on the stove and unclog away, and this should work.

Do you drain the hot water heater when winterizing?

It depends on weather you are planing to be living there or moving out for the winter and if you plan to be running the heat all winter. That said you should, if you do not plan to heat the house/camp all winter, drain all the water lines. This includes shutting off the water heater and draining it. Put anti freeze in all the drain traps including the toilet. Use the non toxic antifreeze! Just wanted to add this. Yes, if you want to winterize the unit, close off the water supply to the unit, open the release valve, then hopefully you can attach a hose to the bottom drain valve and drain the tank. Leave both valves open. You don't want water sitting in the tank, not moving (refreshing itself) for long periods of time.

Do you need a drain line on a hvac drain pan?

You should install a drain to prevent stagnant water from accumulating and hopefully prevent bacteria such as legionnaire or other water borne diseases and most importantly this drain should empty as an indirect waste as per modern codes

Should you water outdoor plants before a cold front?


How long does it normally take to drain the water from the pump when closing an in ground pool for the winter?

Draining the water from the "pump" (I'm assuming you mean the filter) should only take a few minutes. How long it would take to drain the water in the pool down to the winterization level would depend on the size of your pool and the pump you are using.

Does the main drain line in skimmer have water in it when closing the pool?

It should not have water in it, especially if freezing weather is expected. Drain the pool to below skimmer line and drain the filter and filtration equipment.

Why should you disassemble an above ground pool during winter?

Not all above ground pools have to be disassembled during winter, although it is a good idea to drain them. Water expands when it freezes, and if the water is trapped in a closed container or in a crack, the expansion can break the container or the material surrounding it. Pipes often break, when water inside them freezes.

How often should I water grass in the winter?


Can you safely drain your above ground pool during winter?

NO water must stay in you pool at all times.

When you do laundry why does the floor drain start to come up with water from the washer?

The drain from the washer to the main line is getting plugged and the floor drain is easier. Drain cleaner in the floor drain should take care of it.

How often should you drain and clean a public spa?

When you have a spa used by the public you want to drain it often. The water in the spa should always be clear and clean.

Do you need to drain an in-ground pool every few years to recycle the water?

It depends on your water chemistry, if you need to drain an in-ground pool every few years to recycle the water. If your cyanuric acid level is out of control you should. If you keep it balanced there should be no need to drain it and refill. Take your water to a pool professional to see where your chemistry is at.

How do you choose a piece of outdoor water filter?

When you choose a water filter for outdoor sports, you should pay more attention to the removal rater of bacteria. There are a lot of malignant bacteria in water. Without filter, the water is not safe and healthy for drinking.

How can you drain the water out from the oil tank?

it should not be a water in oil tank it is mean engine cracked

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