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I'd suggest having a heart-to-heart and telling her that you find her attitude very hurtful. It's possible that she's confused about her love life, as many people are at some time or other. However, you have first-hand knowledge of the people concerned and I don't ... first i'd say you talk to her, and not just dump her. let her know what you want to do and why. if she say'd she'll try, then gve her another chance. if she just can't seem to let it go, then it is time to let her go, and move on.

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If a girl you are dating always comes up with sweet things to do for you and you cant do anything because you can't think of anything better what should you do?

dump her

What should you do if your girlfriend lied to you?

Kick her to the curb,dump that girl like a dump truck.

What should you do if your boyfriend has another girl and he keep lying?

Dump him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to do if you got bitched by a girl you like?

You should dump her for disrespecting you.

Should the girl dump the boy or the boy dump the girl?

This depends totally on the circumstances. One person "dumps" another because they no longer wish to maintain the relationship.

If your boyfriend is cheating should you call the girl?

Why bother calling her? Dump the guy and let the girl have that trash heap.

Is it right to dump a girl after going out for 2 days?

Sure it is, if your not happy you should keep looking until you are yes dump that itchbays like garbage

How does the girl dump the boy?

just tell him i want to dump you

What do yu do if a guy is torn between you and another girl?

dump him why should he have to chose hes a player

If a girl likes 1 guy more than her boyfriend and this is her thrid time with this guy should she dump him or should she not?

if u like some one else more than u should dump him and ask the other dude out!

My boyfrnd says he loves me but i have a doubt that he hs a crsh on anthr girl what should i do?

Take a dump on his chest.

If a fifthteen year old girl cheated on a eighteen year old boy what should the boy do?

Dump Her.

Should a girl know all about your past?

No! That way if you dump her and she gets mad at you she wont know all about you.

What if a boy likes you but he has a girlfriend?

He's not a good person if he likes you and has a girlfriend. He should either be completely committed to this girl or should dump her if he is not into her anymore. He should finish his relationship off with this girl before he goes liking or looking for another girl.

If you got a girlfriend and you love another girl what should you do?

it depends does she love u back if so dump yer gf 2 be with the girl you love

Why does a boy dump dump his gf then get his new girl friend to help him be mean to the ex girl friend?

cause hes a jerk

How do you know if a girl wants to dump you?

Well first she will try to avoid you and second dump you

You loves a girl who loves other boy what should you do?

You shuld dump them and then ask da boi out who u like!

Why cant you get over your current bf cheating on his ex girlfriend with you?

bc its wrong :(...........dump him like last weeks shoes and tell the girl hes cheating on.....if he cant be happy with one gf he doesnt deserve any

Should you dump a girl you don't like?

You could have a time where you and the girl should sit down and explain how you feel about her, and slowly release out of the connection. Give her some advice about how there's someone else out there for her

Should I trim my pubes as a girl?

Yes, it is better for the girl's beauty and to enjoy sexual relationships.

How do you get a girl to dump her boyfriend and date you?

get that girl to talk to some ex's

What do you do if your boy likes another girl?

Dump him.

What does bag a girl mean?

Dump herr:(

How can you find out by test if a girl has ever been pregnant before?

You can't, and if you don't trust her enough to believe her she should dump you.