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Yes, it is recommended that CHILDREN get 1 hour of phisical activity or more

but for adults/ teens need about 150 minutes

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How much exercise should you do every week?

you should have 5 minits exercise every day in a week

How long should children exercise each day?

about an hour every day

How much should the average kid exercise every day?

The average child should exercise aproximatly 60 minutes (1 hour) a day.

How many hours should you exercise daily?

To be healthy, the average person should exercise for at least one hour every day.

How much exercise should people get each day?

I think that people should get at least 2 to 3 hours of exercise every day :)

How long should you exercise to maintain a healthy weight?

Minimum exercise is 10 minutes a day (or 20 min every other day). If that doesn't maintain your weight, you're eating too much. If you exercise more, then you can eat more. You should exercise 20min. a day (ages 5-10) you should exercise 10min. a day (ages 11+)

What i should do to increase my energy?

Go jogging or do some exercise every day.

What day of the week is most important for a person to exercise?

It is important to exercise every day. No day is more important. Your body and your health does not know what day of the week it is, so it needs exercise every day.

How long should kids exercise for?

30-60 minutes every day, depending on their age..................

How much exercise should a 16 year old girl do?

Everyone should exercise three to five days a week for at least thirty minutes a day; ideally, you should do some sort of exercise like walking every single day, but three to five days will do.

Do dogs have to exercise every day?


Should you train hard everyday?

It depends if you want to/can. You at least need an hour of exercise every day.

Did Michael Jackson exercise every day?

yes, he danced practically every day.

How many calories should a 14year old '5 2 128 pound girl eat a day?

These numbers are based on weight maintenance. If you get little/no exercise, 1,602 calories per day. If you exercise 3 times a week, 1,836 calories per day. If you exercise 5 times a week, 1,953 calories per day. If you exercise 5 times a week (strenuously), then 2,069 calories per day. If you exercise every day, 2,186 calories per day. If you exercise every day (intense) or twice daily, 2,303 calories per day.

How do rabbits get exercise?

they get exercise by running around freely. not in there cage. its important to let them out once in while .every day maybe every second day.

How much physical exercise should be done each day?

You should exercise at least one hour a day.

How can strengthening exercise prevent obesity?

just simply exercise every day

What should 11 year olds do for exercise?

Be outside for at least an hour every day. Run and play They don't need to do serious exercise unless they are obese.

Should v exercise during menstruation?

lyk stretches in order to gain height as u do every day ?

How much exercise at the gym should you do every day to lose weight?

at least 2 hours or more if you want

How many times a day do you have have to exercise?

You should exercise more than twice a day

How long should someone exercise each day?

someone should exercise at the least of 30minutes a day. Also it should be a constant work out

How much exercise should you give your staffordshire bull terrier?

Staffordshire bull terriers are generally high energy dogs and should therefore get at least one hour of exercise every day. It can be broken up into a couple of sessions a day. There are some dog trainers who believe the bull terrier breeds actually need 4 hours of exercise every day. If the dog is older it would need less exercise than a younger dog.

How many hours of exercise should a adults have each day?

Adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

How many times a week should you exercise?

everyone, including all ages, must exercise or get active every single day for at least one full hour.