Should you feed your six month old rabbit carrots?

Six months of age is a good time to introduce treats to your bunny's diet. Any younger, and treat foods aren't recommended because they can make your bunny sick. Carrot is a good treat for rabbits, because it's sweet and flavorful, and healthy in moderation.

Too many treats will make any rabbit sick. From six to twelve months, treats should be especially limited - a small bite or two is enough.

When you introduce a new food to your rabbit, you should watch out in case it makes your bunny sick. Just because it's safe for most rabbits, doesn't mean it agrees with your bunny. Follow this procedure:
  • 1 new food at a time - wait a week or more before trying the next new food
  • Start with a small portion. For a treat food, for a six month old rabbit, this means just one tiny bite.
  • Watch for signs of illness - in particular, diarrhea or gas. See the related questions below for more info, and links.
  • If your rabbit's fine, increase the portion a tiny bit the next day - and so on.

Diet for Six-Month-Old Rabbit: Lots of alfalfa hay, some pellets - provide unlimited amounts so they can eat as much as they need, and a small "salad" of dark leafy greens. Also provide unlimited amounts of fresh, cool water. See the related questions below for more info and links.