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You shouldn't be sad, but annoyed! He could have told you he wasn't interested in that type of work and thanked you, but since he didn't and then just forgot sounds like this guy is lazy! Don't bother doing him any favors anymore. You did the right thing and he blew it!



You did what you needed to do by passing on the information. Like advice, if the person chooses not to use it, you don't need to feel bad and they don't need to apologize. It's annoying though, to hear the "I forgot" message, but it just means that they didn't want to do that and time passed. Everyone bypasses good opportunities because they know in their heart of hearts that it isn't the right thing for them. No one else knows you like you do.


if it was a man you were telling then i wouldn't be bothered because we're all just idiots.maybe he didnt want to hurt your feelings by saying he wasnt interested or maybe he realy did just forget

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Q: Should you feel bad if you spent considerable time letting your male friend know about a job opportunity and later when you asked him about it he just said he forgot about it?
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