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It is very normal to feel nauseous during your period due to the pain you may experience as well as hormones

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Can you feel nauseous 2 weeks before your missed period?

I get nauseous when you don't miss your period.

Is it normal to feel nauseous before or during your period?

Yes! Just make sure to get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. If you do feel nauseous, try not to spend too much time on the sun.

You feel nauseous and you just got your period are you pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

What is a sentence for Nauseous?

Type your answer here... You feel queasy when u are nauseous

You feel nauseous but i started my period am i pregnant?

no. you cannot have your cycle and be pregnant at the same time.

Does anybody else feel nauseous before their period?

Yes, I do too. But not all the time.

Do you feel nauseous during the first trimester of pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy is common, but not universal.

2 weeks after your period you started spotting now your period is late and you feel nauseous?

you could be pregant, go get tested...

Im having a regular period but feel very nauseous what could it be?

hormones, perhaps you are ill

Had a period two weeks ago but still feel nauseous and have swollen breasts Why?


Can you feel nausea before you period?

It is possible to feel nauseous before your period starts; along with bloating, cramps, irritability, etc.. the hormone changes can cause nausea and/or diarrhea, too.

Could you be pregnant if feel nauseous after everything you eat?

This is a pregnancy symptom, but it could also mean many other things. You should take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

Can you be pregnant if you feel nauseous random times of the day and spot right after a light period after having sex?

Yes...take a test

Why would you feel nauseous during your period?

the surge of hormones brings on pre-menstral symptoms...headache, bloating, nausea try confort foods like cola or ginger ale sips. good luck

Is it normal to feel nauseous with no vomiting if you are pregnant?

No. Just Becasue you are nauseous, does not mean you are pregnant. Sorry.

How should your stomach feel if im pregnant?

its not necessarily a feeling... that normally doesnt come til later, when the baby is more developed, but you may be nauseous and youll miss your period... i suggest a pregnancy test.

You are feeling dizzy and nauseous your period is late and tested negative on the pregnancy test?

I feel the same exact way. Maybe a blood test will do.

What happens when you take ciprofloxacin two doses by accident?

Nothing - you may feel a little nauseous, but you should be fine.

How does your cervix feel during your period?


How do you know when a sim is pregnant in sims medieval?

They should begin to feel nauseous. It sucks that you cannot play as the kid though.

Could you be pregnant if you have a regular period every month and sometimes you feel movements in your stomach and sometimes feel pressure towards your cervix and last week you felt nauseous?

A normal period makes pregnancy unlikely but it is possible to bleed and be pregnant. Do a test.

How does hydrocodone make you feel?

It makes me feel weird at first. Then very relaxed. After that I feel a little nauseous.

If your period is two days late and you started spotting very lightly but feel nauseous dizzy tired and bloated could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant.

How do you know you are peregnat?

If you are feeling nauseous, feel dizzy or feel weak you are probaly pregnant.

How early in pregnancy do you start to feel nauseous?

does anyone care