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OMGoodness! You should absolutely fire your mechanic! Clearly he/she has no clue what they're doing if they can't even answer that simple of a question and they're clearly NOT ASE certified! Any ley person can look in the vehicle's repair manual or even search on line to find out where the fuel pump is on any vehicle! Generally, they are inside the gas tank and the gas tank must be removed/dropped to service or replace it, and replacement is highly recommended if it is malfunctioning!

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Q: Should you fire your mechanic because he couldn't find the fuel filter on your SUV?
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What is the fleetguard oil filter cross reference for a napa filter number 7172?

I couldnt find a direct link to fleet guard from a ng7172, but if it helps, the ACDelco part for that is PF2111. (i couldnt find any cross for fleet from that, either. Or from the Motorcraft part no.)

Where is the Fuel Filter located on a 2004 Dodge Stratus?

If it is a 6 cyl My Mechanic told me it does not have a fuel filter.

Should your 911porsche 3.2 produce smoke through the filler in the oil tank?

A fuel filter, on any type of automobile, should not produce smoke. A professional mechanic should look at the vehicle immediately.

How to Change fuel filter 1996 Mazda 323?

to hard.. get a mechanic to do it.......

How do you change the transmission filter on a 2007 Honda Odyssey?

Take it to a mechanic

How do you change a fuel filter on an Audi TT?

i recommend going to a mechanic...

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Honda Civic LX?

from what I have been told by an independent Honda mechanic, the fuel filter is located in the gas tank. In order to replace it you would have to remove the back seats and open an access panel in the gas chamber. The mechanic said it is very expensive to do because of the labor that goes in to it.

1996 Grand Am SE How do uou remove fuel filter when quick coupling is broke and will not release?

This should be taken to a local mechanic if you can not figure it out yourself. However, using the car's manual, you should be able to figure out how to remove the fuel filter even if the coupling is broken.

Where is fuel filter located on 1999 Honda Accord LX?

According to the mechanic I spoke with, it is located inside the gas tank and should never need replacing.

How much should you pay for fuel filter replacement?

It depends on the car itself and the fuel filter cost. Generally fuel filters for Toyota/Lexus are in the range of 30 to 40 dollars and another 20 dollars should help change it in a mechanic. But could be less also for labor. These are just estimated answers because you fail to provide further info in the question!

Where is the transmission filter on a 2002 Mazda tribute?

The filter is in the transmission pan. Let a reputable mechanic do a tranny flush the proper way.

Were is the power steering filter on a 1996 ford explorer?

I'm not a mechanic / technician , but as far as I know the power steering doesn't have a filter

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 2-wheel drive 4 cylinder pickup truck?

Me and a mechanic buddy tried to find it and i think it is an in tank filter. not positive though Me and a mechanic buddy tried to find it and i think it is an in tank filter. not positive though

Where is the oil filter on a 2002 caviler?

check the owners manual. most of them will tell you. also ask a mechanic to change your filter. watch him and remember

How much does a mechanic charge to replace fuel filter on 2006 Ford Freestyle?


How do you change a fuel filter on a 1984 Mercedes Benz 190 E?

Take it to a mechanic

How often should you transmission fluid in my Honda?

You should change your transmission fluid between 125000 km to 150000 km with the filter for an automatic . and the same for a standard without the filter . because there is no filter required for a standard transmission .

What causes the oil filter to leak oil when truck is started?

The filter may be lose if this is not the case the threads around the filter may be "stripped". Try changing the filter if this does not work I would take your vehichle to a certified mechanic.

Location of fuel filter on 1996 GMC Jimmy?

you need to have this done by your mechanic it should run no more than 4 hours labor if you buy the pump. the pump goes inside the gas tank and should be about 125$

Do you recommend having dealership replace fuel filter in 1998 dodge ram truck?

Dealership or any other competent mechanic.Dealership or any other competent mechanic.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2004 hyundia sonata?

I have a 2004 Sonata. The owners manual says to change the full filter at 52000 miles but I was tolled by my mechanic that the full filter is in the gas tank and not serviceable.

How much oil does a 2003 Toyota corolla take?

If you replaced the oil filter, it takes 3.9 quarts. If you didn't replace the oil filter, it takes 3.7 quarts. As a mechanic, I would never recommend changing the oil without replacing the filter also. Toyota says you should use 5W-30.

Where is the transmission filter on a 1994 Honda accord automatic?

this is not a owner serviceable part take it to a mechanic

No diesel getting to filter on 1.7 td opel vectra?

Get your local mechanic to bleed the injectors

How do you change air filter 0n 2006 ford f250 turbo diesel?

go to a mechanic