Should you forgive your mother for taking you to live away from your psychopathic lying cheating abusive father?

*From that description it sounds like the mother was just doing her job and protecting her child. Often adolescent children consider themselves more wise than their parents and feel that they have the right to question the judgment in matters like this. That's ok, since most of those same arrogant adolescents actually gain a little wisdom over the next 20 years. *If you feel you need to forgive your mother then by all means, forgive her. However, it sounds to me like you should be thanking her for caring enough about herself and you to remove you from a situation in which both of you could have gotten hurt, not only emotionally and psychologically (which, by the way, sounds like a given to me), but physically. What your mother did was extremely courageous and loving. I hope you will someday come to understand that.