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Q: Should you get a mouse
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Should you get a mouse or dwarf hamster?

I think a dwrf mouse

What should you do if your pet mouse has blood in its stool?

Take your mouse to the vet.

How often should the mouse be fed?

how much food does my mouse need

Your mouse got attacted by another mouse and is bleeding what should you do?

Take it to the vets

What should you do if your right click on your mouse doesnt work?

Buy a new Mouse.

How do you fix mouse on laptop?

USB mouse should go into most laptops.

When a mouse invades your home should you clean everything?

no. Take a mouse killer.

How should many mouse should you have in your house?

2 or 3

If a cat eats a mouse what do you do?

You should say a prayer for the mouse and give the cat a treat.

What should you do first if the mouse pointer is not moving correctly across the screen?

clean the mouse :(

Should you say mice embryos or mouse embryos?

I'm pretty sure its 'Mouse' :) Mice is usually for more then one mouse.

What is a computer mouse cable used for?

To transfer coded data from the mouse to the computer. It relays information about how the mouse should act onscreen.

What should you name a female mouse?


What should you do with your dead mouse in the winter?

flush him / her

What should you do if your dog ate a mouse?

Take it to the doctor and get an X-ray, see if the mouse had a disease.

Should you use a mouse pad with a optical mouse?

You don't need to, but you can in order to prevent scratches

Are mice the same as a mouse?

if your stupid enough to not know that mouse is plural for mice then you should leave

Where can I get your pencil mouse cursor?

it should be on the computer, go to control panel, then mouse then settings and change it.

If your serial mouse is not working since you installed Ubuntu what should you try?

buy a new mouse.

Can you put a new mouse in the same cage with another mouse?

You can put a new mouse in the same cage as another, but if your mouse prefers living alone, don't put the mouse in the cage. The older mouse should be better off solitary.

How should the mouse be positioned with respect to the keyboard?

The mouse should be placed on the same side of the keyboard as the users dominate hand (i.e... A right handed person would place the mouse to the right of the keyboard).

How often should you clean your mouse cage?

You should clean your mouse's cage every six days. Every other week or so, you should then do a full-cleaning, like washing the cage or the aquarium that your mouse lives in. If you use bleach, make sure it is watered down, so that the mouse does not get sick from the chemicals.

When can you hold a baby mouse?

You should wait to hold a baby mouse until it is two weeks old.

What is computer mouse used for?

Presumably you used a mouse in asking the question, so you should be able to think about the answer.

Is it bad to pick up your mouse by the tail?

I dont think that you should touch a mouse either way.

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