Should you get an iPod touch or an iPad?

Well no body can really answer that question except for u because both have almost the same features but u know ipad is more expensive and u should only buy an ipad only if u wanna use it in a comfortable place and if u wanna carry a big bag with u then okay buy ipad but if u want almost the same features and not carry a big bag u should get a ipod touch and now u can only pick what u want
if this helps u then ur welcome and if it didnt sorry tell me ill try to improve the answer if i get informed

I've been asking myself the same question for a while now and I ended up with the ipad. If you already have a laptop computer I would say get an ipod touch and if not get the ipad. The ipad is kind of a mix of an ipod and laptop. That's why I got it. It is really helpful for work/school too.