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Answer You know what they say once a cheater always a cheater, but sometimes that is not true so it depends on you if you really love him and trust that he won't do it again then you can, but I would not be too sure about it. You need to let him earn his trust back, don't just give him all you got. It could happen again and if it does then go find another one there are plenty of others out there. Keep your head up!! Answer It depends on the the relationship. How long and how much love has grown. They go hand in hand. If you feel that dumping the relationship will help you ease the pain go for it. If its true love you'll get back together, you'll realize what you did wasn't fixing the problem.

Dump him. You don't need or deserve to put up with that nonsense. Once that line has been crossed, there is no going back for me; unless you have kids to consider you can do better.

Yes it is going to hurt, but that is life and a risk we take onto ourselves when we get intimately involved with others.

Just remember that being single can be tough at first but it can also be fun. Don't let this undeserving pest control another moment of your time, get back out there be the best and show him what he lost.

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Q: Should you give your boyfriend another chance if you recently found out he cheated on you but you still love him very much?
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What do you do if you are a female and you find out that your boyfriend cheated on you with another male?

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend cheated on you with another girl? Why is there any difference? Why should the reactions (or actions) be different from any other person cheating on another just because it's a guy cheating on his "girl" with another guy? No matter who he cheated with, another girl, a guy, it's still cheating and should be treated the same. The next decision is up to you.

Should i emigrate with boyfriend who cheated?

yes. Why...?

Should i tell my boyfriend you cheated on him with another girl?

Yes, definitely do and if he really does love you, then he will say its okay. Otherwise you are out the door.

How do you know if your boyfriend still love you after he cheated n you forgive him?

You should have known that he didn't love you when you found out that he cheated on you.

Should you meet the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No, it is not a good idea to meet the woman your boyfriend cheated with. It is your boyfriend who either instigated cheating or he was talked into dating by the other girl and he could have formed the word 'no' and this makes him 100% responsible for cheating on you. Let your boyfriend know you do not put up with cheating and refuse to share any boyfriend with another woman. If he doesn't take the hint then get rid of him.

If your boyfriend is really sorry he cheated on you should you forgive him?

If you believe your boyfriend has never cheated before then realize people are just human and make mistakes which hopefully they learn from and if you feel he is honest then give him another chance, but make it plain to him if you catch him cheating again your relationship is over.

Should you finish your boyfriend if they sort of cheated on you?

yes , but if i love him i will change his mind

Should i date my ex-boyfriend afetr he cheated on me with my best friend?


Should you go out with your ex-boyfriend?

no you can not go out with your ex-boyfriend its gonna be weird and you dont know if he is using you to go for another who broke up with who? you should think about itmaybe, well if you know he likes you and WONT use you then i think you should say yes but if he cheated on you before then say no

Should i emigrate with Boyfriend who cheated Fd on drugs and is now suicidally sorry?

No, of course not

What should you do if you cheated on your boyfriend with your ex?

First off, tell your boyfriend. Second, you need to think about if you still want to be with your boyfriend and get things straightened out between you two.

Should you go talk to the girl you suspect your boyfriend cheated on you with to find out if he did or not?

obviously that person is going to deny having a fling with your boyfriend

If you cheated on your boyfriend and told him immediately and he cheated for revenge but lied to you and you found out two days later from a friend should you dump him?

If you want to but remember, you did the same to him.

If you were with your boyfriend for 4 yrs. but he cheated on you and hit you then you finally got tired of it and cheated on him and ended up pregnant by another guy should you still be with ur man?

cheating is one thing but when he started hitting you that was the worse sign ever it was your sign to leave you cheated because he cheated and hit you. Why didn't you break up with him and called the police? anyways don't be with him.

What should i do if my i don't trust my boyfriend my boyfriend cheated me?

Either drop him or make him wear a condom you never know what you might pick up.

My boyfriend has a passion mark on his neck from another woman what should i do?

hickey ? well if so dump him . if he has a relationship out of a relationship he cheated . it takes two people to do most of the sexual things

How do you get my boyfriend back when I cheated?

well why do you want your bf back, iff you cheated on him then obviously you werent interested or you didnt care about him, maybe you should go eplain

What should you do if you cheated on your boyfriend but you still love him?

Lie. Bury the guilt and make sure that he never finds out.

Who was Taylor Swift writing about in her song you should have said no?

I believe she was talking about her boyfriend, Sam, who apparently cheated on her.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated on him with another ex?

Just say i am so sorry i only did it to see if you really loved me i will never do it again can we give it another go But if you have already done that then i really don't know what you should do

If your boyfriend cheated on you during the first year of your relationship should you forgive him?

I have recently been cheated on and i still love him so i forgived him because i love him so if you love him then take the chance dont let the past stand in the way just forgive and forget but i you really cant forgive him then you know then it's not meant to be.

What do you do after cheating on boyfriend?

Answer You should be asking yourself is my present boyfriend the one for me? The reason you should ask this question is because if you truly loved him and respected him, you wouldn't have cheated on him. Maybe it's time for you to end your present relationship and move on in life as you can't be that happy or you wouldn't have cheated in the first place.

Should a man forgive his boyfriend of 4 years if he cheated on him with a straight friend?

That is more of a personal decision you need to make based on your relationship and if you can recover the trust that was broken when he cheated.

If your boyfriend cheated on his wife in the past and now constantly looks at other girls and has cheated on exes in the past?

It is clear he must have a cheating problem so you should leave him alone

If your boyfriend tells you he cheated and love both of you what should you do?

break up with him girl answer ask him "Do you love me enough to break up with her?" if he says have to break up with him. its not fair for you to love him while he loves another.