Should you go out with her?

This is how you know if you should ask or not.

Do you like/love her a lot? Yes

Do you want her to like/love you? Yes

Why aren't you asking? Because your a dumb &ss

Just ask because if you don't want to ask then your wasting your time even reading this. My first girlfriend I was super lucky because the girl i liked best friend was super good friends with me and so she just had to tell the girl I loved before I even asked her so the girl had time to think about it. She said no the first time but about two weeks later I asked her if she'd changed her mind and she had.

P.S. - never wait for the perfect moment, just walk up to her mainly when she is alone and also walking and just ask. But make it slick. Start with a question about her and then maybe a small joke that you come up with that pertains to what your talking about and then just ask. "Hey---- Do you want to go out with me?" If she starts thinking about it just tell her that you would rather she say no then say yes to make you feel better. Why? because then you look like you have other options and she might bite the bait and get hooked.

It really helps to promise someone that is is good friends with her and you so that you feel like you'll have to ask her soon.