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If you don't have the money it's not always necessary to spend college dollars unless you need the credentials for a career in a field where it's necessary to be multi-lingual. You can go to the local library and get books, tapes and even videos to learn how to speak many different languages. Ask a librarian how to start or check the libraries search engines from your computer to see what's available to you in your area. I you. College can be very expensive.

AnswerIt depends which courses are available at specific colleges and universities in your area. Contact the registrar's office of your local colleges and universities (or colleges and universities in areas where you'd consider going to school) and ask them to send you a calendar, then look in the calendars and see what's available. You can probably also find this information on the schools' websites.

If you want to learn languages just for fun or interest, you might inquire about auditing the language classes, which means that you sit in on the classes but don't get grades, and you only pay a nominal fee.

AnswerIf you just want to learn the lingo (without the literature or history) there are usually cheaper ways of doing it. For example, you might pay a native speaker to give you tuition. Another possibility might be to do a summer course in a country where the language is spoken. AnswerAnother possibility is to look for language courses offered for free online. There are quite a few, even for exotic languages. And you can get a foreign penfriend or online tutor to correct your exercises and answer any questions.

If you want to be fluent in a language you should find an environment that will allow you to interact with other people who use the language.


You can also learn different languages from a homeless person, they have lots of knowledge. You don't exactly have to go college anyways, you can sit around being a lazy bum!

WELL I THANK YOU should go to a out of country college helped me learn Spanish/English

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Q: Should you go to a college or to a university to learn about all kinds of languages?
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