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Doesn't sounds like a fun night at all, it is you boyfriends party, but maybe you should warn him about what she is like, and leave him to make his own choices. Go to support him, if this girl starts behaving in this irrational way, then be straight with her, tell her she is ruining your boyfriends bday, and to please leave. Keep calm and don't let her anger you, but if you don't let her know how her behaviour affects others, then she will carry on this way. The question is why shouldn't you go to your boyfriend's birthday party? It's not about you or his ex..This day is about HIM. You should be there for him as a good caring girlfriend that you are. Who cares about the ex anyway?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 21:56:51
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Q: Should you go to your boyfriend's birthday party if he has invited his ex and you know she will make a scene?
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