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Go skating! It's more fun and great exercise.

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What should you do with your friends?

see a movie, go ice skating, roller skating,hangout,or my favorite is just to go to someones house and just gossip and have a fun time

What should I do for my 14th b'day and nothing lame like going to the movies?

You could have a roller skating party at a roller rink, or a cool dance party at your house!

What are some ideas for preteen parties besides their house?

Ice skating, roller skating, movie theater, bowling, and water park (summer).

What to do on a windy day?

well if your in school and you have to do AR than you should read a good book but if your an adult than you could read or go to a friends house or just watch some television. if it ids th eweekend you can get bubbles or fly a kite. you can go roller skating or ice skating if you have them n you city/town.

What kind of winter birthday party should you have?

depends or your age but ice skating or bowling or indoor things like that or even just a house party with movies in with some friends would be fun (:

Should you go to Hollister or clean the house so your friends can sleep over?

You should clean the house Bc friends should come in front of everything eles! (;

What are some places you can go to for fun?

Well, you don't have to actually go somewhere to have fun but here are some ideas: Laser tag, bowling, swimming, tennis court, do pottery at a shop, baseball field, park, a friends house, a cousins house, pet shop, people watching, a movie, the mall, roller skating, ice skating, watch a friends game, throw a party, go to a party, waterpark, a walk, and fruit picking. PHEW! hope you have fun and you could go to rainbows end and the zoo oh and snow planet jeez have fun and stay safe

What to do when bored and out with your friends?

go shoppingplay a sport, football, basketball and etchang out at a friends housego cinemasparktown for a mealice skatinghouse partywalk to new places where you don't normally hang around

If you want your friend to go to Kauai with you and have to get permission from their parents what should you do?

U should go to the friends house or call the friends house and ask there parents if they can come with u.

Should you kiss your girlfriend at a friends house with all of your friends with you?

if all your friends shout " do it do it do it" over and over again

If you walk from your house to your friends house the distance and direction between your house and your friends house is your?

TripIf you were to walk from your house to your friends house the distance and direction between your house and your friends house is your trip or mileage.

Why she wants to be friends only and eventually with benefits?

you should kick her out the house

Should you allow your girlfriend to stay over her guy friends house?


What might you take on a hike but not at a friends house?

A weapon would not be welcome. A fishing pole might be a bit strange. Anything else should be OK to bring to a friends house.

If your friend pulls your trunks down at your other friends house how should you get payback?

pull also their trunk at their neighbors house

Which is best to paint a house roller or paint brush?

Use a roller for most of the walls and a sash brush for edging and filling.

Should you go trick or treating with your friend that lives on your street or go to your other friends house to go trick or treating?

go with your friends

What do you do when you are thinking about to go to a friends house because your father is making you angry?

you should go to your friends house untill you calm down then go back home and maybe talk to your dad about why you were angry earlier.

What should you do for your thirteenth birthday?

karaoke, movies, games (like on a wii or an xbox) music, pizza, and junk food at your house with boys and girls there, then with just your close friends a sleepover, during which you can do truth or dare, old-fashioned board games, dancing if you feel like it, etc. good games for parties are like on the wii (band hero/rockband is good) and on wii fit you can do multiplayer, but i dont think you want to. you can play spin the bottle during the actual party, as well as boy-girl truth or dare. you can also go ice skating, roller skating, swimming, to a movie or a concert, or shopping at the mall with a few of your girlfriends. Does that help?

How many seasons of full house and friends are there?

8 Full House 10 Friends

When you buy a new house how do you get your friends to visit the new house?

tell them your naked.. unless your ugly, then you should just kill yourself..hoped this helped

What should me and my friends do tomorrow?

go get pizza? Cinema? Paultons park? Shopping? stay at you're house?

What do you do if you cant find your cell but you know its in your home?

you should call your cell from your house phone or a friends phone.

Where should you meet up with your friends and girlfriend?

movies, mall, someones house, party. anywhere really.

Should your parents meet your friends parents before you go to their house?

only if the friend is opposite sex