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Teenagers routinely drive their parents vehicles either with or without permission. Insurance Companies are well aware of this and the vehicle owner is liable for any damages resulting from the permissive driving of your vehicle.

Although a 19 year old is no longer a minor. The owner of the vehicle is equally liable along with the driver for damages.

If an adult child drives your vehicle without your permission the only option you would have to avoid financial liability is to file a stolen vehicle report with your local police department and press criminal charges against your 19 year old. Failing or reluctance to press charges against your child is basically deemed acquiescence and therefore permissive use.

The terms of your insurance policy require that you disclose all drivers in your household, failure to disclose is a form of insurance fraud and can void all coverage under your policy resulting in unpaid claims and policy cancellation.

If you are maintaining an insurance policy for the 19 year old in your home and operating your vehicle, it is advisable to continue paying the premium. regardless of which of your cars he chooses to drive. He/She needs to be listed as a driver on someones auto policy.

AnswerThe child is 19, no longer a minor. It really isn't your responsibility to insure them anymore. But it's wise to have them insured just in case it is needed. Maybe the father should have insurance also. Sit down and talk between the three of you if it's possible, and come up with a solution everyone can agree on. Maybe the 19 year old can be on one of your policy's but pay the difference for adding them.

The child driving the car without permission is another issue, but sounds like the dad needs to deal with it since it is his car that is being, basically stolen. Driving a car, anyone's car without permission is stealing. Maybe the 19 year old isn't aware of that.

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Q: Should you have to pay for your 19-year-old's car insurance if he drives his father's car without permission?
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