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Should you hire a lawyer to contest a speeding ticket in Louisiana?

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Probably not, most of the time you show up in court yourself. There you explain your actions and try to state why you were wrongly fined. If its a complex case, (not sure on speeding tickets), you MIGHT have a case. * If the violator has previous traffic convictions and is in danger of having his or her license suspended or revoked it might be prudent to retain legal representation or at least obtain legal advice.

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Can foreigners get away with a speeding ticket in new york?

Paying the ticket or hiring a lawyer to contest the charges. Not paying cause issues with future travel to the United States.

How do you contest a traffic ticket in court?

You can get a lawyer.

Speeding ticket has month and day no year - is it legal?

Yes, it most likely is legal -- it would depend on your state laws. Because it does not have a complete date, your lawyer might have grounds to contest the validity of the ticket, but that would just cost you lawyer fees. The only thing the prosecutor would need to do is to have the issuing officer testify to confirm the date of issue. If you got a speeding ticket, just pay the ticket or hire a lawyer to find all the loopholes for you.

Would one need a traffic violation lawyer for a speeding ticket?

"A driver receiving a speeding ticket does not necessarily need a lawyer but hiring a lawyer is always an option. Lawyers may have an easier time getting the ticket dismissed so, if that is your objective, it may be advisable to secure a lawyer. It is not required though."

Who can contest the executor of a will?

a lawyer or judge within good reason

Where can one find a lawyer if one is given a speeding fine?

To search for Attorneys for speeding, one can try the DMV website, Tixnix, Traffic Fighters, Lawyers website, and Avvo. Some of these websites offer free consultation from a local lawyer.

How do you use the word contest in a sentence?

The defendant's lawyer had new evidence - so decided to contest the sentence handed down to his client.

How does an eighteen year old emancipate themselves in Louisiana?

You get a lawyer.

How much will a speeding ticket cost with no insurance?

that will probly be two separate charges, but in nc an average speeding ticket with a lawyer for myself was 210 and he appeared in court for me and paid the fine.

Do you need a lawyer to contest a divorce?

it's a good idea see link below

Can a lawyer help with a speeding ticket for 78 in a 60?

I wanna know if they can get it off my record or have the charge lowered

How much is a speeding ticket in NC for going 17mph over the speed limit?

get a lawyer, or your insurance will go way up

Can a Virginia speeding ticket be reduced without hiring a lawyer?

Yes, any ticket can be reduced without a lawyer. You have to go to the court date for your hearing. Be there early and if you show up there and the cops doesn't, many judges reduce the charge or if you plead your case honestly, logically and respectfully you can get a speeding ticket reduction as well.

What should you do if you just received divorce papers and you don't want to divorce?

It is not up to you. The "other person" can begin a divorce action without your "approval". Get a lawyer to explain your rights in your state, otherwise you may be very sorry when the case gets to a courtroom. - - - - - You need to get a lawyer and contest the divorce.

Can I Avoid Bank Foreclosure?

The notice itself should have given you options for ways to respond or contest the process. If these do not work then contact a lawyer who specializes in real estate or foreclosures for help with stalling the process.

How can you find a good lawyer to fight a speeding ticket?

One may want to consult a lawyer if they receive a speeding ticket as it can result in demerit points and higher insurance rates. One could use the services of X-Copper or look in the yellow pages of the phone book to find lawyers who specialize in traffic violations.

Can a lawyer really get me out of a speeding ticket?

A lawyer may be able to get you out of a speeding ticket. If your driving record is clean and there is any type of discrepancy with the reason you recieved the ticket. For example, a discrepancy with the posted limit, the radar gun or the weather may all be enough to get you out of the ticket. However, for a lawyer just to be in court with you is not enough. It depends on the situation. They will do everything in their power to fight the ticket or get you out for as little as possible. Lawyers aren't cheap though.

What is the fine for a speeding ticket going 33 mile over the limit?

It depends on the North Carolina it stops being speeding and becomes reckless driving at 15 over. At 33mph over, you really need a lawyer.

What are the gun laws for felons in Louisiana?

You need to consult a lawyer familiar with LA firearms law.

I was asked to sell my Louisiana Oil and Gas royalties royalty interest and mineral rights. Is this a good idea?

We do not know all the circumstances. You should consult a business accountant or lawyer.

What is a job requirement of a lawyer?

Being a lawyer, you should and good at speaking.

Is it better to get a lawyer for immigration than a notary?

I think you should be a lawyer.

Why should you be a lawyer to a pedophile?

In the hope that the lawyer will talk him into a "guilty" plea!

How do you contest a will from prison?

You cannot contest a will at all if there is a no contest clause, or else the benefactor who made the contest will be entirely disinherited. One of the requirements for contesting a will it that you somehow have a connection to the will and feel harmed by its contents. You either have to be named in the will, but feel that you should have inherited differently, or weren't named in the will and should have been named in it or would have received money if the person had died without a will. You must have a valid reason to challenge a will, such as undue influence, fraud, mistake, or loss of mental capacity of the testator. Simply being upset with your inheritance amount isn't an actual reason to contest a will. If you find that you cannot contest the will, you can file a lawsuit against the person who is receiving the property you think should be yours when the creator of the will is still alive. It depends on the State in which a person is incarcerated as to the procedure of contesting a person's will. In most cases, getting in touch with a lawyer should be a great start.

Is it cheaper to have a lawyer then a lender to process your mortgage?

Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.Your first question should not be who is cheaper but who would represent your legal interests best. You should have your own lawyer.