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#1.if someone hits you knock him out dont let him boss u around

The choice is yours to make. And you have to live with the consequences which could be anything from murder charges to assault, or ending up in the hospital yourself.

#2.No. The first time, no. If it continues then you have the right to defend yourself. I personally think that you should tell a elder if someone hits you. Violence isn't the answer to everything. So what if the other kids call you rude names, like a 'snitch'. Try telling a grown up first, and if it continues, you can have the right to hit back.

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Where exactly should you hit to give someone a dead arm?

hit them in the tricep

Do collision insurance cover a hit and run?

Yes, you should be covered if someone hits you or you hit them regardless of someone leaving the scene.

Can someone knock out if hit with a baseball bat?

If you are hit hard enough. Maybe you should try it sometime.

What should you do if someone else claims your child?

hit them and call then idiots

What happens if someone hits you with a wii remote?

The remote should break and you should hit them back.

Should children hit their parents?

No. Definately not. Why? Because it's wrong to hit someone it general, and especially if they are in authority of you.

What should you do if someone gets an electric shock from a faulty appliance?

hit them with a bat

You got hit by a car what should you do?

stay there until someone calls the police:D

Should you do a hit it and quit it on a girl if someone dared you to?

No. All people have feelings.

What if you have no auto insurance and you hit a biker while parallel parking should you get a ticket or warrant?

How do you hit someone while parallel parking???

What should a driver who hit someone with a vehicle do?

Drive away quickly, pretending nothing happened.

What do you do wend your boyfirend hit you?

you should break up with him and tell someone what he done No one should put up with a girlfriend/boyfriend hitting them; it is best to walk away and find someone else.

If you hit someone in front of you because you are hit from behind who is at fault?

As long as you were stopped the recommended distance for your area behind the car you hit, then it should be the original person's fault (the one who hits you).

How do you know if you hit someone?

If theres a body lying in the road, you've probably hit someone

How do you hit someone?

When referring to traffic regulations or tickets, to "hit" someone is to be the striking vehicle in a collision.

How do you make a charactr on poptropica?

you go to new hit new player, then hit boy or girl, then your age, then someone should pop up, that will be you, if you don't like your name hit change all then i should change. click on the picture of you then bubbles should pop up. they should say "shirt" or "skin" and stuff like that. there! you made a player!

Should a 16 year old be spanked?

no not at all why should Evan a little kid get spanked your just teaching the kid to hit when someone does somthing bad

What if someone hit you in the vaginal area?

If someone hit you in the vaginal area you would be in pain for about five minutes.

You hit a bowling ball that was obviously left there for someone to hit - should you have to pay for the damages to your car or should the county where you hit the bowling ball?

If you were operating with due care and caution and paying full time and attention to your driving you would have/should have been able to avoid it. You, or your insurance company is going to have to pay for the repairs.

What should you do when you hit a tree with your car and no damage to your car but tree fell down?

tell someone so they cam move it

What does pelting mean?

to hit someone

What is a slang word for hit someone?

Give someone a "crack"

Can someone sue another for suffering a contusion when hit in auto accident?

A contusion is a "BRUISE". Sure, you can sue someone for anything but the real question is should you. Are you really suffering badly from your bruise?

If you hit someone parked in a parking lot what should you do?

Call ambualnce if injuries Leave name and contact information on damaged vehicle

How can you wake someone up once you have hit their pressure point?

Take them to the ER right away.