Should you keep relationships with ex-spouse's adult children if it makes your new spouse uncomfortable?

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2007-06-20 16:39:33
2007-06-20 16:39:33

The question is what kind of person did you marry this time, that wants to dictate to you what other kinds of personal relationships you can have. Its not like your communicating with the ex your talking to adult children that were in your life for a period of time, that you bonded with. Tell them to grow up and get over it. If it makes them feel better, take them to meet these people so they can see they are not a threat, but dont let them dictate to you about this. Im sure before you got married these people were in your life, why get uncomfortable about it now. Tell them that you are not intentionally disrespecting their wishes but you are entitled to pick and choose who you associate with as an adult.

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