Should you keep secrets from your friends?


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If that friend is a true friend they will accept your secret no matter what. So if you really trust that friend and you know they trust you then you should tell them your secrets. but if its a friend that you only talk to every now and then, then it would b best not to tell them your secrets.

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you should probably drop hints about it. if that doesnt work, tell them that if they were true friends they would tell you

The theme is to not keep secrets to should shared your thoughts and secrets to at least your parents and friends. :)

Yes the president should keep certain personal secrets.

why Teenagers should never keep secrets from their parents?

That is simple - don't tell.

Treat your friends with love and respect. Keep their secrets. Have good times together.

Freinds should be loyal. They should not reveal each others secrets.

well this happened to me with my best friend okay and what i did is i went straight up to her and i told her i knew you told someone my secret and if you cant keep my secrets i don't know if we should be friends i mean i think your really nice and like your my friend but you need to be able to keep my secrets. and sense i told her that she has kept everyone of my secrets and you don't have to say like i don't know if we should be friends you can just say like then i am not telling you any of my secrets. well that's the best advice i can give you.I would tell them to be my friend and keep my secrets safe or our friendship can be untruthful and be a bunch of lies.thats the best 2coolgirl can give yah! .

A true friend will always keep your secrets unless it involves your safety.

Secrets create a valley of uncertainty and expose people's lack of trust for their friends. I can't say what secrets people should or shouldn't keep. It's not my place to decide. However, there needs to be some level of honesty between people. Otherwise your playing out a false friendship.

Everyone keeps secrets. Some more than others, but we all do.

It is far wiser to keep some secrets about your life and there is no benefit in telling your friends about your most embarrassing moment. If you so choose to do so and feel it is nothing to worry about then do so.

because without friends, you dont have a shoulder to cry on or to have sleepoves with... or who to trust or to keep each others secrets :) this question was answered by annabel woohh

A lot of things, there secrets, there friends' secrets, there parents secrets.

Answer:Well depending who your friends are, if they can keep secrets then tell them to keep it a secret or off the record and then tell them and if they cannot keep secrets then tell them either "I wish to not criminate myself" (in a casual joking matter of course) or "I plead the 5th" (if you are in the United States)

tell ur friends the truth be nice keep their secrets. don't gossip when they tell you stuff

Either she doesn't trust you with her secrets or she is embarrassed about them and wishes to keep them private.

Short of a criminal offense friends should be loyal; honest and able to keep secrets between each other because sometimes when the whole world seems against a person every so often it is good to lean on a good friend.

No. Not unless you don't want to keep friends.

Everyone holds back some secrets for one reason or another. If you know you can trust your best friend and tell them what you are about to say is confidential then tell them the lesser of any secrets you may have to test your friend's ability to keep the secret. If your friend cannot keep the secret and tells other it will be less damaging and embarrassing to you. If they can keep that secret after a couple of months then you should feel free to tell your secrets to your best friend.

you cant keep secrets, or your not friends. friends help eachother out with their problems, and if your friend doesnt know about your problem, they cant help

Why should teenagers keep their secrets away from their parents. It wouldn't be cool because your parents have a lot of expeirences to teach you. You should never keep your secrets from your parents. Mostly it would be bad to keep your secrets from your parents. All because it would ruin your life and when they die and you finally wasn't to tell them about the secrets that you kept it your whole life and you have heard that they have died and you felt bad about keeping your secrets you might want to or you will have to tell them when you go to the grave yard and find your parent's grave yard and stand there and tell them the secrets that you have never told the secrets that you have never told them before.It might ruin your future!!!Might hurt yourself!!You also might feel all guilty!!Trust me it might happen like that!!!So I hope this answer might or will help you of what you have may done when you kept your secrets.@(>.

In my opinion, it is best that you have few friends but those friends should have trust in you. Because sometimes if you have many friends, you are prone to telling you're secrets to them and they often times end up telling other people. If I were you, "Keep a few friends, the ones you can trust, its better" some friends tend to backstab others. I don't really know in your case but I hope this helps

she should be clean and not keep secrets from her. that's what her mother is there for.

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