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Yes. Even though you start your period you should continue taking the pill until you don't have any left. Then take the next pill pack. Your period can start in the middle of the pack, and it is normal.

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Q: Should you keep taking the pill if your period starts before you are finished the active pills?
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Should you be active on your period?

There is no reason not to be active on your period.

If you have just been given loestrin 20 from your doctor after the 21 days of pills do you have your period and go back to the pill once you're finished with your period?

Hi, When the pack has finished or the active pills, then you should get your period. After 7 days you restart a new pack of pills.

Will a tanning bed make your nipples sore and tender or am i pregnant?

Usually it is before you start your period if you have missed your period an you are sexually active then you should take a pregnancy test Hun.

When a pathogen lies dormant in its host before going active what period is it in?

This is known as the latent period. If the virus is active, not dormant, but not causing any symptoms yet, this is known as the incubation period.

How late can a sexually active woman be on her period without being pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant before, during and after her period.

Should the Period be before or after parenthesis?


How do you delay period when you are taking contraceptive pill?

Continue taking the active pill, one for each day you want to delay your period, before taking the non-active pills.

How a rose plant can bud?

By pruning of the stem before the active growth period starts.

What should you do if your period comes before your placebo pills?

keep taking your active pills, your cycle will balance itself out after a few months of being on bc pills

How long before your period do you get mucus?

4-7 days before your period should begin

If you have finished your period and then get a cold can you bleed?

No because if your period is finished, then you can no longer bleed until your next period.

When should you get your period after you had your baby?

Well you should have your period before you have your baby .So the baby can be good when you deliver.

Can you take a pregnancy test before a miss period?

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

My wife missed 1 pill and then took 2 the next day- her period has started so should she continue taking active pills-three left- or should she stop and start a new pack after her period?

Your wife should continue to take her active pills.

Can pregnancy be detected before a missed period?

Depends on timing. If your period finished a day ago, you have a whole month to find out, but if it's been three weeks since you had your period, you'll notice the absence before the symptoms. 

My period is late and i am sexually active should i be worried?

Yes unless you have no problem being pregnant

During what period of history were pirate ships the most active?

during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active? during what period of history were pirate ships the most active?

Do you put on weight when on your period?

You can gain some water weight BEFORE your period, and should lose it during your period.

When should you try and get pregnant?

You ca try virtually anytime you want, as you can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD.

Does soda pop bring on your period before you should get it?


I missed one pill the day before I start the non-active pills and I started my period Should I take the last missed pill anyway tonight before starting my four non actives or start non-actives now?

No you should wait and ask your doctor

What should you do if you just finished your birth control pill pack and haven't had a period?

take a pregnany test.

How many days before my period should you get cramps?

The time that cramps start vary with everyone. Some get them days before their period while others get them the day of their period.

Is it best to conceive the day after your period to become pregnant?

no. you release your egg 14 days before your period starts. find out when that is. those days before your period are when you should concive

If you take the pill the day before your period will it still come?

Yes you should still have your normal period.