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If he is very trusted then yes, kiss him on the lips. :)

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2010-09-14 02:37:28
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Q: Should you kiss a 14 year old boy on the lips if you a 12 year old girl?
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Is it okay to kiss a 11 year old girl on the lips?

Yes he can kiss her <><><><><> It depends on how old he is

How does a ten year old girl kiss a nine year old boy?

With their lips.

How does a 11 year girl kiss her 11 year boyfriend?

Don't french him just kiss him lightly on the cheek or lips

Would Niall Horan kiss an 11 year old fan on the lips?

No, he wouldnt kiss an 11 year old on the lips as that is very young and he would only kiss a girl on the lips if they were dating. He would never take advantage. Hope this helped. From a directioner :D

Would Justin Bieber kiss an 11 year old on the lips?

Probably not.I personally wouldn't kiss an 11 year old boy on the lips. (im a girl that's y i changed it. lolz)

How do you 11year old boy to kiss a12 year old girl?

The boy says lets know each other lips to lips

Is it considered cheating if you have been dating for a year and you kiss another woman on the lips?

It depends on who you kiss on the lips... If it's your mom your ok, but if it's another girl, then yeah that's cheating

How should 11 year old boys kiss?

In today's society it is kinda weird for 11 year old boys to kiss because it is such a young age. But 11 year old boys should kiss like everyone else, with their lips. Just pucker up.

How do you kiss 15 years old girl?

You should kiss a fifteen year old girl on the top of her forehead or either side of her cheeks. I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of kiss your talking about but hang out with the girl you like for a while and right before you have to go brush away her hair and gently stroke her ear and softly kiss her on her lips

How should 13 year olds kiss for the first time?

Start off with a gentle peck on the lips.

How do you kiss a 9 year old boy?

With your lips.

Can a 10 year old girl kiss her 7 year old brother on the lips?

I'd say so, as long as he feels comfortable with you doing it.

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