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Should you kiss when you are young?

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βˆ™ 2010-06-25 17:22:22

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i dont see way not

2010-06-25 17:22:22
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Is 12 too young to kiss?

there never to young to kiss!

I cant get my girl friend to kiss me and im nine and she's nine how do i get her to kiss me?

First off do NOT kiss her.You are to young and should not ever be dating.

Where should i kiss her im 11?

boy u are 2 young kiss on the cheeks or hand if you feel ok with it and if she does to i would kiss her on the cheek if she realy is confortable then kiss her on the lips

What will happen if you kiss someone when you are young?

do not kiss people if you are very young

What is the duration of Too Young to Kiss?

The duration of Too Young to Kiss is 1.52 hours.

If you are 11 should you have your first kiss?

No, eleven years old is too young for a first kiss. Talk to your parents to find out when it would be okay.

Should you kiss your boyfriend i am 10?

Aren't you a little young? If you really, REALLY want to kiss him then go for it. Guys like a girl that is bold.

How do 10 year olds kiss?

They shouldn't they are too young. They should just stay young while they can and don't worry about that stuff

Should 12 year olds french kiss?

No, 12 is too young and it will lead to other things for someone who is too young.

Is it OK to french kiss in fifth grade?

well I'm in fifth grade, and I like this boy! :) But I think that it is to young to french kiss in 5th grade!!

How should an 11 year old kiss their first boyfriend?

In her dreams. You're WAY too young to be having a first kiss at that age. Just make it on the cheek OK as you are very young to be dating.

Is 14 too young to kiss?

No, of course not! I was kissing since I was 12! I think you should kiss when you are ready and only if you like the guy/girl. Remember, you can't take your first kiss back!

You are 11 and you are ready to kiss your boyfriend Should you?

if u ask me ur a bit young to do that u could kiss him on the cheek but that's all id advise

Would joey jordison kiss a young fan?

Depends what kind of kiss! Say I don't think he'll snog or french kiss a young fan, he ain't a peado, you could kiss them on a cheek, but he doesn't seem like a person that likes to kiss young girls...

What is the hink pink for young woman's kiss?

Miss kiss.

How should you kiss in 4th grade?

Like you kiss your mommy. You shouldn't be kissing at that young of an age, I am 14 and still haven't had my first kiss. So save yours for someone special like i am doing.

Should children at the age 10 kiss?

for me it's okay to kiss if it is his/her relative . but it's not good for a 10 yr old kid to kiss someone he/she likes because he/she's too young for it . -metoo

How do you kiss someone if you are 11?

probably just a quick kiss. I think your a little young to kiss.

My boyfriend wants to kiss me but I'm to nervous?

Just do it. If you're "dating" then you should be able to kiss him. I'm guessing you're young and prolly never been kissed before.

Is third grade to young to have a first kiss?

its not too young, but it will probably mean nothing, so you will totally forget your first kiss. :(

Should i be nervous for my first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss

Should i have kiss with my gf?


Should a 10 year old be allowed to kiss a girlfriend?

If they are a girl. No. I wouldn't. A first kiss is one of those special things in life that you can never get back. A boy, its more suitable for. But at that young of a age nobody should be kissing.

Should he kiss you or should you kiss him?

He should kiss you because if you kiss him he may think you have never kissed somebody and you want to get it over and done with he may think your desprate.

How should 11 year old boys kiss?

In today's society it is kinda weird for 11 year old boys to kiss because it is such a young age. But 11 year old boys should kiss like everyone else, with their lips. Just pucker up.