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Should you learn to play piano?


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Everyone should learn at least the basics of piano, because doing so will cause them to learn any other instrument at a much easier rate. It is an extremely useful instrument and a beautiful one, too. Although you may find it to be pestering at the momment to have to attend all your lessons and practice daily, believe me, you will thank yourself one day. Even if you feel that it is too late, don't worry; it is never to late to begin. Just keep in mind that at first it will be ammusing, but soon the work will begin to kick in. Stick it out! Don't wimp out and leave yourself wishing you had not. As I said, you will thank may not be now and it may not seem like you ever will, but you will eventually.

I wish you the best of luck! If you ever feel discouraged, just remember that even the best of pianists have been there. They are only considered the *best*, because they stuck to it and kept on going. I hope you will do the same!