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Well, it depends why you are not happy. If he is abusive then yes, you should leave him but if it's a couple of fights that can be resolved then no.

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Q: Should you leave your boyfriend if you are not happy anymore but are still in love with him?
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How do you say a girl that you like her if she has a boyfriend but she does not look happy with him anymore but you are not sure she will leave him?

Just tell her you like her, if she likes you she will leave him, its happend to me before mate.

Boyfriend wants to separate but you cant leave?

Leave! If he doesn't like you anymore, that he isn't the one for u! Leave! If he doesn't like you anymore, that he isn't the one for u!

How do you know when you should leave your boyfriend?

you should leave him when he starts to abuse you. or cheat on you. or you just dont feel it is right anymore, and feel like you are not as attracted to each other. when you have nothing left x

Im in love with one of my closest friends but she has a boyfriend and she thinks he may of cheated on her should i tell her how i feel?

if she is happy with her boyfriend then leave her be but if you think that it will benifit her lifestyle or her happieness then tell her

What do you get your ex boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Nothing. Leave him alone. He doesn't like you anymore.

Should you leave a man because you aren't attracted to him anymore?

if you don't feel happy with him explain that to him and you dont want to be with someone you don't find attractive

When your boyfriend threatens to leave you?

you should leave him if your boyfriend threatens you in anyway your to good for him so ditch him NOW

Why won't your cheating boyfriend leave you?

Often times a cheating boyfriend will not leave because he feels a sense of comfort with you. He may not be happy, but he knows that you will always be there. The real question to ask here should be why would you not leave your cheating boyfriend. Feelings of helplessness may be to blame. However, it is important to accept the situation for what it is and to move on...without him.

What should you do if your boyfriend is addicted to drugs?

Leave him.

How can you tell if your boyfriend has another woman?

He will start not wanting to have sex with you anymore. He will make excuses for why he's not around anymore. He will start fights with you to leave the house.

Should you stay with your boyfriend or leave him?

Depends on how he treats you

Should you leave your alcoholic boyfriend?

yes. yes.

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