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Should you leave your boyfriend of four months if he did not wish you a happy valentine's day yet he knows how you feel about it and he claimed he was broke but you never asked for a gift?


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Does he usually show this lack of effort? Saying happy valentines day isn't hard is it! And if he was broke he still could have put in the effort to make you a card, or do something special for you that didn't require money e.g cooking you a meal. That's would id do if i was broke anyway. Have you notice weird encounters with him? Any signs he's cheating on you? If you think he's lying to you, I think you should. There are many more guys in the world that love you but are nervous to tell you because you have a boyfriend, by the way I'm a girl. I know he has hurt you, but not saying Happy Valentine's Day shouldn't be enough to split you up. Start communicating! Tell him how you feel. Some men just don't get it when they are young while other young men can't do enough for their girlfriends. If he's forgotten your birthday or other special occasions either you have one lazy boyfriend; he doesn't care or he's fooling around. Get to the bottom of it and if he doesn't seem interested in your feelings then kick this guy to the curb. When I was first going with my husband he was laid-off temporarily from a Union strike and had little money. He bought me one red rose and a card. I was so thrilled and it meant so much for me (even though these past 35 years he has given me a dozen red roses at Valentine's Day) that one red rose meant more to me than anything. I ended up pressing it in a book and still have it. You deserve better hon!