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Should you let your dog eat grass?

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It's okay to let your dog eat grass, but not all the time. You see, grass makes a dog's stomach feel better, but if you let your dog eat alot of grass, it will cause him/her to poop and/or throw up.

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Your dog wont eat is on heat drinks lots of water what is wrong with her?

Your dog is probrably sick, maybe you should feed your dog different dog foods.And let her eat some grass,this helps your dog feel better.

What to do if your dog drinks water from a septic tank?

If a dog drinks water from a septic tank and the dog gets sick, the dog should be taken for medical care by a veterinarian. If the dog seems fine after drinking the water, the best thing to do is to let the dog outside for awhile. Dogs eat grass to help settle their stomach, so let them eat a little grass.

Can your dog eat a sponge or should you get a vet?

No, don't let your dog eat a sponge!!!

What do you feed your dog who ate spoiled fish?

Let him outside to eat grass this will help.

Does eating grass hurt dogs?

Yes, if dogs eat grass they can barf, die, or choke. It matters what type of grass...or how much grass. My dog ate regular grass before. It made her bark when she was sleeping... :3 So don't let your dog eat grass... mostly if it's plastic. If any problems, send a e-mail to Enjoy doggies eating grass ^^ (Really DON'T let them eat grass.)

How do you stop a dog from throwing up?

if a dog is throwing up, then they propably ate too much grass way to quick. let the dog eat a little bit of grass the call them back into the house

Why is your dog hacking like he has to vomit?

Probably ate something he shouldn't have. Let him outside to eat grass.

What if a dog eats grass with fertilizer on it?

I think it should be Ok, let it drink alot of water.

Your dog has vomited twice what can you do to settle his stomache?

nothing really just let them eat grass and that will cause them to throw up making it easier for the dog to get it out of their system

Can mice eat grass?

Mice can eat wild grass make sure it doesn't have poison in it. But don't let your mice eat green grass.

Should you let your dog eat on the same day you breed her?

Yes. Feed your dog everyday. It gives her nutrition for the puppies.

Should you let your dog lean on you or sleep next to you?

You should let your dog lean on you.

Should you walk your dog before they eat or after?

you should walk your dog after they eat, so once they eat they can go for a walk and let it all out... dogs often like to go for a walk after they eat because they are full and they could exercise all the food out...

Why was grass put in Foulon's mouth?

Because he said "If [the people] are hungry let them eat grass"

Can you keep ladybugs alive in a bottle full of grass?

Ladybugs don't eat grass, they eat aphids. Better let it go.

What is danger if you let your dog eat from your hand?

there is no danger however if your dog contains rabies or other vicous dieses do not let it eat from your hand

Is eyeliner poisonous to dogs?

If they eat it, probably. If they wear it, it shouldn't be a problem. However, you should never let a dog eat eyeliner or wear it.

Do grass hoppers eat leafs?

Grasshoppers do eat grass! It's mainly what they eat along with grass and _______ i forget what else!! :) Are you trying to keep one? Cause i can teach you how to keep one and not let it die! If you want?! But back to question.... They do eat grass thanks for asking! :)

Your horse eats grass while you are walking him around what do you do?

If you are riding him, you should make him walk on. To do this, just give your horse a little kick, pull the reins up, or steer him into another direction. If you are walking next to your horse,(like leading him to a pasture, etc) its best not to let them eat grass. If your horse does so, pull him away from the grass. Its another thing if you are grazing him. If you are, you can let him eat grass.

What table food can dogs eat?

If you can eat it, a dog can, but that doesn't mean they should it it.

Who said let them eat grass Tale of Two Cities?


How many times a day should an miniature schnauzer eat?

the best thing to do is to get a dog food dispenser and water dispenser and let it eat when it wants to

Why did the dog eat your sisters homework?

Your sister shouldn't have let the dog eat it and she shouldn't have left it lying around.

What are the reasons that a dog would eat grass?

The only reason dogs eat rass is to clean out their digestive system. This is the part when they throw up :D All sorts of animals will eat grass when they are not feeling good. It will help them to throw up what is upsetting their stomach. Dogs eat grass for the same reasons that people eat salad. They use grass for the fiber.It helps them to pass stool if the are constipated or if they have an upset stomach or just for the differant texture. it will not harm them and it is a good idea to let them eat it. they know what they are doing better than we do.

How do you stop dog from urinating in grass?

I have no idea where else you expect them to go. All dogs go on the grass. It's true that male dogs can turn grass yellow or deaden it. There are fertilizers for the grass to help with this. Unless you train your dog to use the toilet then you are going to have to let them pee on the grass!