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Well how old is he? Why does he want to wear panties? Does he like the cotton ones or the silky nylon ones? Does he get an erection when wearing them. Does he want to wear other female items or lingerie or clothing? All these are considerations. Men are very feeling oriented and most likely if he likes the silky stuff he is masturbating while wearing them or as a result of wearing them. If he is older than 10 then he will wear them anyway so you might as well help him look like a girl now so he does not get made fun of later. You cannot stop him if he is a budding transvestite, the pull and addiction of womens clothing is to strong for you. If you help him now- he will thank you later. Good luck.

I would let him.

He will someday wear them.

Maybe he will outgrown this phase. Maybe not.

Answer2 i am 12 and i do

The answere is YES.

He will find a way if that is what he likes, no matter what you say or do. I am 72, male and wear panties 100%

i am also 12 and want to wear panties but i dont know how to do it. and i dont want to be ade fun off,

I am 14 and I wear them.

i am a 18 i love wearing them they really turn me on. i also like to ocasionally dress up but no i am not gay

i am a straight male and i wear them 24/7, SOOOOO much more comfortable than mens undies

They are more comfortable than men's jockeys. They come in ALL types of material and colors-unlike white cotton mens..yuck!

My stepson is allergic to cotton. He started wearing his sister's nylon panties when he was 13 and continues to wear nylon panties. His sister helped him buy his own and he chose solid colors as opposed to panties with lace. He wears various colors and though he started wearing regular brief panties, which his sister wears from time to time, he soon moved on to bikinis and even nylon thongs. He prefers girls's panties and although I found it weird when I first discovered he actually liked wearing panties even though he more or less had to, since he is a stepson it didn't both me that much.

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Q: Should you let your son wear panties?
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Is it okay for a 13 year old boy to wear panties?

It is ok if boys wear pantie but wear pink thongs they are the best

Should you let your son wear girl?

Most people do not let their son wear girl's clothing. You do not want to confuse your son about being able to wear the clothing.

What do i do if my son wear my panties?

Either hid them, or accept and love him and/or hope it's just a phase.Buy him his own!!Different answer: He may like panties, or it maybe be a fetish or he may just like them, if you think he maybe homosexual more straight men wear panties then actual gay ones, this maybe a phase but if it isn't don't dislike him for who he is, he is your son and you should love him. (this isn't trying to state that you do not love your son)

What should you do if your son likes to wear girl?

let him go wear it when hes tired ask him why he wants to do it

Should you let your son wear girls underwear?

Yes you should, it makes you more attractive.

What should i do if my son wants to wear diapers?

Yes. Let him but only at home. Dont let his friends find out.

What should you do if your son wants some bras?

Well I would let him wear Bras . Even take him out Bra Shopping and let him get some . But Only let him wear them around the house .

What should you do if your son likes to wear girls clothes?

buy him a girls clothes and let him go and let him do girls or womens do if its tired of doing that ask him why he like to wear it

Your son wants to wear boxers what should you do?

Umm their boxers, you should let him it is his choice unless he's talking about thongs or something like that.

What should you do if your son likes to wear panties and bras?

It depends how old they are, i think you should just talk to them about it ask them why etc...But i think you should also make sure you know that you are okay with all sorts of sexual preference's. Hope this helps.

Is it ok to let your son wear makeup and panties?

If he wants to do it then he isn't harming anyone else so I'd say, go ahead and let him do it. If he does it at home there shouldn't be any problems at all but if he wants to do it away from home he should realise that some other boys will not accept it and may ridicule him and might even subject him to physical violence.

Should walk around in panties in front of 9 year old son?

no it might not be approprate.

Should mom buy panties for her son?

No. Boys will be men, and you don't want him to be a Girl-man.

Mom makes you wear girls panties?

If you want to know why your mother makes you wear girls panties there is only one thing you can do... Ask her. If you are unhappy with it ask her directly something on the lines of, "Why are you making me wear girls panties when I am a boy? Girls panties are not designed for boys and they are uncomfortable for me to wear." If this doesn't help discuss the situation with an adult you can trust and ask them for their advice. If you are happy to wear them that is fair enough but it should still be your choice to wear gilrs panties, not your mothers. If you aren't happy to wear them it is quite simply wrong to force you to wear them. Show her this whole answer if you think it might help.... "Mom, have you got a secret sexual hang up? Well don't take it out on your son. Making a boy wear girls panties is not a good idea. Physically girls panties are not designed to accomodate a boy's penis and scrotum. They will press his testes up against his body and as boys testes need to hang loose to produce sperm efficiently you could cause permanent damage to him. Knowing this, why would you want to do that? You could also cause your son mental health problems well into the future by forcing him to wear girls clothing and undermining his masculinity. To say nothing of the ridicule he may be subjected to if other boys find out he is wearing girls panties. What you are doing is wrong, and you know it, so stop it, now."

Would you let your son wear lip gloss?

let the kid do it... don't be an oppressive parent

Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to wear panties?

It is perfectly normal for boys to wear panties they need to do it to experiment and as a parent you must over look it and move on my son has been caught 3 times with in a year and simply said move on find something else to play with

Should you buy your son panties?

Yes it is just a phase that he is going through. I would know because I have been through that phase.

Would you let your son wear lipstick or gloss?

Only if he was in a band or had a good reason.

You make your son wear a bra what should you do?

Take it off. That is plain wrong. no its perfectly normal for a boy to want to wear girls clothes. but it is a little weird that a parent should make their son wear a bra

Should your son wear a bra?

In general, boys are no encouraged to wear bras. If he is interested in wearing a bra or if he is uncomfortable when working out because of a larger chest, then you and your son should consider it.

Should you let your son wear a bra?

Yes, if they want to wear a bra then there's no reason to stop them.If your son wants to wear a bra then your son may actually be a girl rather than a boy and accepting them as such is important to their well-being - your son may also be otherwise queer or trans. Your son also may simply be exploring his gender and experimenting, or maybe it's just for a bit of fun. If your son is open to talking to you about it listen to why he wants to wear a bra, no reason to stop him.

What color are your panties in spanish?

de que color son tus panties... / de que color es tu ropa interior....

What do you do when your 10 year old son wants to wear mom's bra and panties?

Let him! He is only young, I'm sure he doesn't know much about being transsexual, but even if he is make sure you support him, he will need it! I, being a female myself once did wear men's clothing, even when i was a teenager, i loved the thought of being in men's cloths because it made me feel warm and happy! he will grow out of it! just let him live his life (and you love it) and don't ever ever question what he is wearing, just let him wear what ever cloths he wants to and make a fool of himself so he will be able to improve himself by lesson! Just be sure not to let him out in your bra and panties , aha! Best of luck! If any more questions don't be afraid to contact me: Sophie xx

Is it normal for my ten year old son to steal my panties?

Only if he is wearing them

Should you let your son dress up like a girl for a family trip?

no you should not let him dress up like a girl anyway