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think of Eddie izzard, it is perfectly normal for a straight guy to be a tv just as it would a gay man.n.b. a lot of transvestites are straight.If this is something that feels natural to your son and it doesn't seem to be causing any emotional or psychological harm, then it seems fine that he expresses himself that way.Sounds as if he is a crossdresser. Nothing wrong with that, and it's likely a behavior that can be changed. Most CD's (CrossDressers) are straight. Agood forum to look at is : You'll get some good support and answers here. Hope this helps, Beth= Answer =He is a cross-dresser (they are not gay) and there are more men out there doing this then one can imagine. I read an article not long ago that said if you could strip down businessmen a very high percentage would be either wearing an article of women's clothing (such as panties) or have panties in their pockets mainly because some loved the feel of the silk against them and others feel peaceful from the feeling. As long as he doesn't go out into society as a cross-dresser (could cause huge problems with his peers and endanger your sons mental/physical stability) then there is really nothing wrong with it. Just let him be, but don't enable his behavior. It's private to him so leave it that way. Make sure you let him know that if he continues on with this he has to be very honest with the girl he meets and wants to marry. You'd better believe it would be a great shock for her to find out any other way.

ANSWER:Thing is eventually dressing at home will not be enough or satisfy his needs for femininity. He will want to take further steps to looking like, acting like, dressing like and being like a female. I speak from experience. I was a cross dresser all my life and really got into it it at like 15 (sexual arousal aspect) by 16 I was dressing like a girl with long hair pierced ears and long nails everyday. I was getting looks at school-but supported at hoe by my mom and two sisters. Lucky I am 5'7" 120 lbs and was then. By 17 I was dressing and living 24/7 and attended a new High School as a girl for Junior and Senior years. Be careful becasue it is very addicting the whole makeup thing changes ones appearance. And if he is wearing silky nylon panties, Bras, slips, stockings, high heels etc it is very very addicting and a sexual turn on. The sensations are so different and the brain is wired to enjoy and repeat sexual experiences. If he does (and most likely he does) get sexual arousal from cross dressing it is over-he will have this need and desire forever so might as well help him pass as a woman.


Maybe you should talk to him about it. A lot of men who do cross dress are completely straight and wearing women's clothing just allows them to express themselves in a new way and different way. If he is a transvestite then so what! Good for him! And yeah, he will be able to wear his partner's heels better than her. And turn some girls on with his cross dressing.

However maybe it is a bit deeper than the cross dressing, maybe he is transgender and wants to be a girl. Just talk to him about it. If he is transsexual he might be happy with staying a man but choose to live his life as a woman. He could still like women and want to be a woman.

But it is definitely worth mentioning these two things and supporting him either way.

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Q: Should you let your straight 17-year-old son dress as a woman when he's home alone with the family in high heels a dress and make up and he even does his hair in a female style?
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