Should you live with your boyfriend if you are 13 and he is 17 and has said many times he wants you to live with him yet he doesn't call often but says he loves you a lot?

Oh my Lord!! I so agree with the answer below. Do you realize that you only have 18 years to be a kid and 50 to 60 to be a responsible adult with bills and kids and jobs, etc. No one ever said, "Gee looking back at my life I sure wish I could be an adult again." They all wish to be kids again, because that is the best time of your life. Few responsibilities and fun! Go have fun being 13! You can play house in a few years for the rest of your life. Why would you want to screw that up now? He's 17, I don't care what he says, he's lying if he says he loves you. He loves what you can do for him. How many adults do you know that are still with their teenage girl/boy friends? Realistically, how many? You will not be together in a few years, I guarantee it. He'll be able to go to bars and you won't so guess where you'll be. At home while he's out. Get out now. Enjoy life. You only get one!

actually him not calling alot is a good sign that hes to busy in other things your only 13 your to young to go with

You shounld not live with your boyfriend because you are way to young and if he doesn't call you he probably might not have time for you.

AnswerNo get out of the relationship now stay away from him u can get in some serious trouble and hurt please stay away!!!!!!!!!