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No! He is your ex and you are now married. If you have remained friends then say your goodbyes over the phone and wish him good luck. Sounds like you are having second thoughts and therefore entertaining the thought of playing a little Russian Roulette. Be careful!

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How do you say goodbye to coworkers that are leaving?


How do you say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Tonga?

Hello- malo e lelei Goodbye- nofo a (from someone leaving) 'alu a (to someone leaving)

What does enohora mean in maori?

E noho ra (written as three separate words) means goodbye to someone you are leaving. I.e, you are leaving your nana's house, and she is staying at her house, but you are going somewhere else, then you would say 'e noho ra.' If you were staying and you were saying goodbye to someone who is leaving then you would say, "Haere ra." Other ways of saying goodbye are hei konei ra, or ka kite ano (see you again).

What are metaphor examples for leaving?

Leaving is like saying goodbye. Leaving like the dust and the wind. Anything that uses like or as in it can be a metaphor for leaving.

How you say goodbye in Swedish?

Bye would be "Hejdå".If you are leaving for a really long time, then goodbye would be "farväl".

What to do when leaving US for good?

pay your taxes then wave goodbye

How do say goodbye to someone who is leaving country?

'Don't forget to write!'

How do you say 'Goodbye' in Korean?

To person leaving- "Annyong-hi kashipshio"....To person staying- "Annyong-hi kyeshipshio"

What does it mean when a guy says he regrets leaving?

It means that he wants to date you again and he regrets ever leaving you and saying goodbye

How do you say farewell friend in Maori?

E noho rā Goodbye (from a person leaving)Hei konā rā Goodbye (less formal)

Good bye in Maori?

'Haere rā' is goodbye said by someone staying. 'E noho rā' is goodbye said by somebody leaving

Is it good-bye or good-by?

When leaving, one would say goodbye.

What does it mean when the ouija board says goodbye?

It means that Ouija wants to say goodbye to you and you should say "Goodbye, Ouija" and it will stop moving. This indicates that the spirit you are talking to has finished the conversation and is leaving.

What does haere ra mean?

Haere ra means goodbye when said to someone who is leaving.

How do you write a goodbye letter to an employee?

Writing a goodbye letter to an employee should be very formal. You should simply state you are leaving and wish them luck on their careers.

How do you say goodbye in Korean?

This depends on whether or not the person you're saying goodbye to is staying or leaving:Staying: 안녕히계세요 (annyeong geseyo)Leaving: 안녕히가세요 (annyeong gaseyo)Alternatively, if you know the person well (friend/family), you can just say안녕 (annyeong).

How do you say goodbye in maori?

Ka kite ano --- see you again.Haere ra --- goodbye, if you are the person staying.E noho ra ----- goodbye, if you are the one leaving.ka kite apopo----- I'll see you tomorrow.

Why did Taylor Swift write breathe?

Breathe by Taylor Swift is about saying goodbye when its nobodies fault they are leaving

What does bye bye mean?

"Bye bye," as a shortened form for "Goodbye" ("God be with you!"), means that someone is leaving.

How do you say goodbye to your favorite teacher?

You can give a farewell gift if they are leaving. You can organize a party for your favorite teacher.

Why did Ron and Hermione have to say goodbye to their children?

They only had to say goodbye to one of their children (Rose) because she was leaving for Hogwarts. Their other child (Hugo) wouldn't start for another two years.

If you have somewhere to live can your legal gardians prevent you from leaving?

it depends if you are over 18

What does 'slรกn leat' mean?

"slán leat" means "goodbye"Comment:said by someone leaving.

How do you say goodbye to someone you love that is leaving?

Make sure you tell them you are leaving. Tell the you love them and explain why you are leaving. Be sure to reinforce that you will keep in contact (and do keep in contact). It is okay to cry, it's a hard situation that person will understand.

What is the word 'goodbye' when translated from English to Korean?

you can just say "Annyeong", but a more polite way is to say "Annyeongi gyeseyo" if you are the person leaving, or "Annyeongi gaseyo" if youre the one staying.