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If the hole is smaller than a nickel, I would not worry about it. If the hole is on the bottom side of the exhaust pipe, it might actually be a good thing, as it would allow the water in the exhaust to drain out before it enters the muffler. Some newer cars have drain holes in the exhuast system to prevent things from rusting out quickly.

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Q: Should you patch or just replace exhaust components if there's a small hole right before the muffler?
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How much should it cost to replace a muffler on a 1999 ford contour?

The replacement of a muffler on your 1999 Ford Contour should cost approximately $90. Most of the time when the muffler needs to be replaced there are several other exhaust components have will also need to be replaced.

How much should it cost to replace a muffler on a 1994 Ford Taurus?

Doing it yourself? Just the muffler? $50+/- Take it to a muffler shop where they'll replace the exhaust pipe, the tail pipe and the muffler with a "lifetime replacement", and it could get expensive.

Where is o2 sensor on 06 silverado?

The 02 sensors are screewed into the exhaust system. Start up by the engine exhaust manifolds and work your way back to the muffler and you will see them. There will not be any after the muffler. That truck should have 4 of them.

How long should it take to replace muffler?

I got quoted an hour for mine

Where is the catalytic converter located within the exhaust system on a 2001 Mazda MPV?

Should be the first component that looks like a small muffler after the exhaust manifold

What should you do if the piping leading to the muffler is rusted off and is making a loud noise?

You have exhaust leak where the pipe rusted through and this makes the loud noise. You can go to a parts store and get a exhaust repair kit to fix the hole. This is only a temporary fix and might not be enough to fix the repair. Otherwise, you have to go to a muffler shop so they can replace the rusted section.

Can the flexpipe on veh be repaired with muffler tape?

The exhaust pipe can be repaired with my muffler tape. The repair should not be considered a long term fix. The repair will only last a short while, and should be fixed permanently.

Which direction do you install a muffler that has an A arrow and a B arrow?

muffler, what direction do you install arrow A and B ?The A - B are direction of flow for the exhaust. If this is an aftermarket muffler. The muffler should be installed with the "A" towards the engine, and the "B" towards the rear of the vehicle.Read more:

If the repair manual very casually says to begin to replace the fuelpump on a 1994 Mercury Cougar by removing the tailpipe from the muffler how do you do this wihout breaking the muffler or tailpipe?

First off I'm assuming you have the 3.8 litre V6. I have a 93 model Cougar and I'm assuming they didn't change that much. Your exhaust setup should have *2* mufflers alltogether. My best guess says that the manual means to remove the pipe from the muffler that's about in the middle of the underbody. There should be a muffler clamp right at the back of this muffler. If it looks anything like mine right now I would suggest getting a new exhaust while ur at it. Good Luck. Spyder

Where is o2 sensor 2003 Chevy?

Thay are screewed into the exhaust system / Exhaust pipes. They are about 4 inches long with an electrical connector hooked to them. There should be 4 on that truck. There will not be any after the muffler.

Where can I get muffler repair services about in Dallas?

Midas Dallas is one of the muffler repair shop. Any auto body repair shop should be able to replace or fix your muffler problem. If not, take you car back to the car dealer, they should be happy to serve you.

O2 sensor on Jeep Wrangler 4.0 2001?

Should have 2. Follow your exhaust from the headers back. They'll be after the headers but before the muffler

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