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If you broke the lease, you're responsible for any charges unless you can prove the residence was uninhabitable. If the utilities are separate from the rent, then you're definitely on the hook.

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Q: Should you pay for your utilities when you move out if you break your lease?
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Can you break the lease to move into property?

If by that you mean can you break your lease to move into another property... you have to give a certain amount of time notice that you are moving. And if you do break the lease you may still have to pay rent for that place for the rest of the length of the lease.

Can the lanlord break the lease in Virginia if he has to move in?


Can a landlord break a rental lease because you paid your rent late?

If you paid your rent late, he didn't break the lease - you did. He can now move to terminate the lease.

Can the landlord break a lease before the tenants move in if its 28 days prior to the lease starting?

a landlord may not EVER break/violate a lease. [unless the tenant wishes it so]

Can i break a lease in California if you lose your job and have to move?

No. That is not a breach by the landlord.

Can you break a lease in Utah if you are moving out of state for work?

You can break a lease to move for work--but the landlord has the rights noted in the lease. Providing 30 days notice and talking to him about the reasons for your move may reduce the money they expect for you to pay to get out of the lease. If you have a letter of employment from the new job may help. A job in the military is usually the only work-related reason for getting out of a lease early.

What are landlords obligations to renter if he breaks lease because he is in foreclosure in the house he live in and wants to move back into rental?

He can't break the lease.

Can you break my apt lease in AZ if you got a job in ca and have to move?

No. That's not the landlord's fault.

Do you have to pay a penalty if you break your lease to move out of state?

This depends on the terms of your lease. Normally breaking a lease for any reason is grounds for the landlord to keep your deposit. If there are valid grounds for breaking the lease and the landlord keeps your deposit you can sue him for the amount he kept.

If you have a lease on a house but your mother is sick in another state and you need to move back to take care of her can you break the lease and get your deposit back?

No. You mother's illness is not your landlord's fault.

Should you have to move because you broke your lease helping a family member?

Regardless o fyour motives - if you broke the conditions of your lease, your landlord can enforce the lease, and evict you.

Landlord says house in foreclosure I want to break lease and move Can I?

The foreclosure sale will function to terminate the lease. However, until the foreclosure sale takes place, the owner is still the owner, and the lease remains in effect.

What does a landlord have to pay to move you out if he wants to move back in?

Nothing. The landlord need only give you the notice required by law (20 days in WA) and then simply move back in. The exception is if you have a lease--in that case, the landlord must honor the term of the lease unless the landlord and tenant mutually agree to break the lease. In that case, the tenant is free to demand compensation of the landlord for the landlord's breaking the lease.

If you are getting a divorce can you break the lease with your tenants so you can move into the property?

Most leases have provisions for the owner giving notice if the tenants need to move. Usually it is 30 to 60 days and is written. Of course, it is more convenient to just not renew the lease. It may be cheaper and easier for you to move into an apartment in the interim and let the lease run its course.

If a commercial landlord excepts your check do you have a lease?

It depends on the lease and the state. Some areas allow either party to break a lease within a certain timeframe without any ramifications. As long as a landlord returned all payments then I would move on, if this is the first example on how the landlord operates then I believe you should walk-away.

What should you do after a break up?

move on

What do you do if a tenant won't sign the lease?

You do not allow them to move into the premises or you give up the idea of having the protection of a lease. Once you let them move in without signing a lease they are your problem. It should be noted that a tenant who refuses to sign a lease is giving you a loud message about what type of experience you can expect in the future.

Can you break the tenants lease to move into your own property?

I own a house that is leased until 1/31/10 and I want to move into it. Can I give the tenant a 60 day notice to move?

What should I know when renting my first home?

You should know how long you plan to rent and what your next move will be once the lease is up. You should also look for a monthly rent that you will be comfortable with for the term of your lease.

You tried to move into an apartment in Ontario but stopped during move-in because a person had a concealed gun in the elevator and many outside entrances were not secure Can you break the lease?

If you signed the lease, then no. No matter where you move no one can guarentee your safety. I would have toured the property before signing the paper work.

Do I have to pay for the next month's rent if my landlord breaks the lease and I move out before the end of the month?

well, if the land lord broke the lease, then you are not responsible and do not have to pay, because it is not you but the land lord. if you move out of the house before the lease is over, then the money you gave the land lord beforehand will stay and you will have to pay more money, which is the amount of money that you woul've paid if you didn't break the lease!

Can you break your lease for a medical condition?

Yes this is one of the best and legal way to break your lease. But you need to make sure that you will give some proofs to your landlord for them to believe you. Landlord will legally allow the tenant to move out especially if they really have medical condition that can badly affect the community.

How many days by law do you have to give prior to move out?

Laws vary from place to place, but the rule of thumb is 30 days if you have reached the end of your lease period. If your lease still has more than 30 days remaining, you are bound to pay rent for the remainder of the lease period unless the landlord gives you written permission to move out or there are extenuating conditions which would give you legal cause to break the lease.

How do you write a letter to break your lease?

Release from Your Lease If you have to move before the end of your lease term, you and your landlord must agree to release you from your lease. If you end your lease properly, in accordance with the provisions of your lease, the landlord will remove your name from the lease or will void your lease and would enter into a new lease agreement with the new tenant. This will end your liability for future rent or damages. The landlord will return your security deposit to you, and will collect a new security deposit from the new tenant. This is the safest and clearest arrangement for you.

Girlfriend wants a break for a month or so should you wait suppose to move into apt with her in a week?

no dont move in, she wants a break!