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Should you pretend it was your fault or that there were just fundamental differences when ending your relationship with a narcissist to avoid rage?



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No, don't empower them anymore than they are, in their own minds. If you fear violence, take along some friends so you are safer and have those camera's on cell phones running so you can document the situation just in case. Let the narcissist know your recording for legal reasons.Why would you want to blame yourself for this? Sounds like the narcissist got in your mind. People everyday break up for funda"mental" reasons, why should this be any different. Letting the person know, in this case, probably wont come as a big surprise, as Im sure they heard it before. Good luck and stay safe.


you shouldn't pretend anything because if they broke up with you then basically its their damn fault for missing out on a good thing don't be up set or try to look for a reason to have a rage. let alone try to avoid one dat has no ground to stand on. don't worry about that narcissist (think) "you must not know bout me, you must not know bout me I can have another you in a minute you best friend will be here in a minute there is too many smart good looking people who can handle being in a real relationship that you can find, have, or get. Hommie don't let them control your emotions be you and do you Babe. SMILE...


If pretending will get you out of the relationship without being subjected to abuse and rage, then PRETEND!


Just get out. You owe him no explanation.

Here is the fundamental difference: You are human and he is not.