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It really depends on what breed your dog is.

Some breeds have undercoats and can naturally protect themselves from the cold; some do not. Siberian Huskies, for example, naturally have undercoats and Dalmatians do not. To be sure, check what breed of dog you have and read up on it. There are various resources online which can help you on this. If you're still unsure, ask your question again here but be more specific about your dog's breed.

AnswerDepends on the breed. If his coat was made for cold weather (ie: thick and fluffy)then he doesn't need it. But it can never hurt. He may enjoy looking fashionable. AnswerYes, for small dogs with short hair it's a good idea if it's super cold out. Small dogs under 10 pounds to tea-cup sized dogs can get chilled easily. Larger dogs don't need sweaters.
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Q: Should you put a sweater on your dog in cold weather?
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Should you put a sweater on a dachshund dog in cold weather?

Yes because if a dachshund gets to cold it could become really sick.

Which dog breeds need a sweater in cold weather?

any short- haired, small sized dog

Can a pit bull dog live outside in cold weather?

No. No dog should live outside. The weather and seclusion can cause health and temperament problems.

Can really cold weather hurt a dog?

It depends on the dog, and how long it is outside. A dog that has a thin coat of fur and is otherwise not made for cold weather will be effected much more than a dog with a thick fur coat and bred to withstand the cold (such as a Husky). A dog, without proper shelter and warmth from cold weather can become sick.

Should you get a dog in Jan?

This depends on whether or not you want to house train a dog in the cold weather if you live where it gets pretty cold. Spring and summer and fall are better times to get dog due to it being easier to house train in warmer weather, you dont have to stand out in the snow, sleet, cold rain.

What does it mean when your 5 year old dog hasn't been sick?

It means you have a lucky, healthy dog. Congrats! You have a healthy dog. My dog is 5 as well and hasn't been sick so I always make sure he has a sweater on if he is out during cold weather. Do the same thing to keep your dog happy and healthy! :)

What is your dog sick with?

*cold*breathing problems*weather can make a dog sick

Is a Canaan Dog good at tolerating cold temperatures?

The Canaan Dog has a medium tolerance of the cold. It can live outdoors in cool weather.

Should you put a sweater on a shitz tzu dog?

Yes all small dogs should be kept warm.

How cold should it get before you bring our dog in side?

All dogs should have access to a warm house in bad weather. No dog should ever be left out in a rain or snowstorm, or when the temperature is below 50 degrees, especially if there is no sun out.

What cold weather dog breed name starts with m?


How do you bathe your dog outside in cold weather?

you dont becaus they will get namonia

Do shih tzu like cold weather?

a shih tzu is a dog and almost all dogs like the outside- whether its cold or warm. their fur keeps them warm and their skin can keep them cool. if you are worried about your dog in the cold, buy him/her a sweater- higher than the waist so it can do its business without it getting "dirty". if you don't believe in dressing your dog, then only stay outside with your dog for five- ten minutes and warm them up when they get inside. i hope this was not too confusing and i hope it helped :)

What is the best breed of Husky to do dog-sledding?

Siberian huskies are the best kind of dog to go dog-sledding with because they are originated in Siberia, where it is so cold! And also, they are used to the snow and cold weather. In fact, it seems they love the cold weather because of how much time they spend in it!

Can you boxer dog live outside?

Yes, it can but not in cold weather hot weather can stay out side most of the day.

Can a dog sleep outside when its cold?

It depends. Is your dog used to cold weather? Does he have a long coat? if so, i think it would be fine, but it wouldn't alwasy be comfortable.

Is leaving your dog out in extreme cold weather classified as a felony?

if it has no shelter it may be seen as abuse i know someone who did that and the dog died since it was so cold

How do rottweiler do in cold weather?

They'll do just fine. I live in a continent where it gets well under -20 centigrades in the winter and my rottweiler shows no sign of cold. Only sign of cold temperature is that my dog pants less while fooling around. Pet shops are full of dog shoes and dog coats so it will do fine in cold weather.

What weather too cold for a samoyed dog to stay outside?

A Samoyed that has been trained to withstand cold weather (Sled dog, not a regular pet) can withstand temperatures around 30 degrees below zero. You should not leave your pet Samoyed outside in weather colder than 5 degrees below zero. Be sure to check on your dog, because this number can vary by each individual. (All temperatures are Fahrenheit)

Can a schnauzer dog survive the cold weather?

Schnauzer dogs can survive in cold weather as long as their coat is kept intact. It is common to shave them down to give them their distinctive appearance.

Can you walk a Doberman in cold weather?

Dobermann's have a short, glossy coat which provides little protection from the elements. However, most Dobermann's are hardy enough to go out in most cold weather. If your dog appears to be cold or is shivering, either take him inside or buy him a waterproof dog coat.

Why does your dog wheeze?

Your dog most likely has a cold and should get treated by a vet.

Why my dog didn't go to potty in bitter cold weather?

Because he/she is uncomfortable outside in the cold. Look into doggy clothes or shoes.

What kind of weather do staffies go out in?

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a hardy breed but have a short coat that does not protect them well from very cold weather. Some dogs don't like rain (my Staffy doesn't) but this is different with every dog. As long as your dog isn't too cold they can go out in most weather.